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Oh yeah I actually have played that! My top favs are Waltz and Fritz, how about yours? Speaking of recommendation.. you should play Taisho x Alice if you haven't! It revolves around these genderbend fairytale characters (Cinderella, etc)!

it's a red carpet to welcome you

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It's beyond my expectations, I really enjoyed playing it bonus points for the puns. Could relate to Mia lol. I loved square and triangle (like a sucker for tsunderes I am..) the most, I still loved circle too though. Any characters I didn't like is none... They all are loveable and adorable! Mia somehow reminds me of Monika now that I realized it.. with her ponytail, fourthbreak-wall talks and the green color scheme? Just a pleasant coincidence for me.

I have to say, i really like your artstyle it's cute and I feel like I've seen anything like that from some fanarts in the past it gives me nostalgia feeling lol

And the story is decent enough, tho I really want to know if the guy-


were also some kind of creature, with that ending.. what happened afterwards?? And what creature was the kid supposed to represent as; some kind of man-eating monster or?

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I can't do it, my heart felt really warm along with my stomach (cuz i laughed too many times).

Alright. This will be quite long.. sorry in advance! I'm still really excited after playing it (got all endings too!)

1. Ine, Al, and MC. I hate math but then it became a tsundere (which is my weak point) so.

2. The moment MC realized their wish was granted, also the line 'I might've saved the universe in my past life!' or something. And the whole scenes in Ine's part, I couldn't stop laughing. Well I already laughed from the very beginning MC freaked out meeting Al and thought he was gaslighting MC as some psychology project. I don't know, the humor fitted me i guess.

3. ABSOLUTELY. No pressure ofc.

Souma :( played fast, got attached quick lol what happened to them, I wonder. I'm thinking if Souma is some test subject or an alien..

Anyways, looking forward to more content from this! And curious of other characters already..

Nope, it's like that from the very first i start it. Had done that, still the ssame.

Um so I'm having a problem i don't know how to fix, the texts are unreadable like this. Title screen is fine tho, still have text and all.

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I agree with you, it's definitely a big accomplishment since you made it; your first visual novel! Partly I agree because I myself am still too lazy to learn about making a visual novel even though I already have many good ideas in store;; 

Also, I wonder if the next VN you gonna make will be yandere-themed again? Or if not, thriller-mystery genre then?

I'm looking forward to it and the February next year at any rate!

For a first game, it was really good and man does the story hit my heart hard ( ;∀;) i wasn't expecting so many plot twists too, gee

Glad i could learn more about this small but special VN

Worth the sacrifice ;)

Dating a tsundere demon lord? Don't mind if i do. Although, I could've sworn i had died when he genuinely smiled 5/5 satisfying experience

huge, HUGE ABSOLUTELY MONSTER ENORMOUS love for all of them

except you-know-who

Spoilery stuffs⚠️

Loving that pretty zen MysMes reference tho.

Also not me being jelly of salo's wife and disappointed when I don't get to know their real names 😁

Looking forward to another hot mystery! ;) 🤤 Damn, i wanna date xyx so bad now wtf

Oh okay then, thanks a bunch!

Same, honestly God, pls i love him so much i was so sad too when Damon don't hesitate to sell me off but then he freakin made me cryyy

Sorry for the nowhere comment there, i really agree with yours 😩

I enjoyed it very much!! Especially every moment spend with Alto, pls he's just so cute. Also, ofc i quite like Caesar too.

Oh yeah, an advice i would like you to consider is if maybe you can next time what ending is it that we're getting? Like idk which one is ending 1 or 2 and stuff, including when i read the guide too

I have completed the demo after seeing this announcement so i can give my opinions. I hope you feel better soon, don't push yourself too hard and be pressured to hurrying the development, i'll wait however long it is cuz i already took a liking to the project!

PLSPLSPLS i love Alex so much, I couldnt bear to be mean to him when the choices for it appear. So yea, that's why i'm just getting the perfect end lol. But anyways, the game is very, totes adorb! i swear i could pop out of existence from the giddyness of experiencing its wholesome aura. Honestly, I'm not really used to the whole pure Red Riding Hood's themed story (maybe because I've read too many gruesome and tragic adaptation) but well, it was a nice change of vibe.

So the point is, good job making this to be one of my favorites.

Forgot to comment on this cuz I played it few weeks ago, but I really enjoyed the short fun experience of dating a witch playing the game! I think I got all of the endings and i love the marriage end the most! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ oh yeah also i got this error when opening the backlog, just to let you know if you haven't

Thanks, sorry for the late reply, I managed to get the other endings but I must play it from the very beginning (not from reloading when in the middle of picking choices because I think that's what makes me can't get to those different outcomes). Anyways does the locked rooms in wolf's house can't be ever opened? 

There's also this bug where if you already have the detective game side story and checking the extra then returning to the main menu, the detective game box will become stuck until the loading screen here like this

Oh, alright thanks, I'll try to go to the market. Choosing to ignore the wolf though, I already did that, and I still get the same choices (also, when getting rescued by the wolf and you still end up going to his house either choice you made too) leading to same ending?

This is a game with great story + art and all, but can someone tell me how to reach the other end like I'm here just keep getting (some spoilers below)

-the true end, the normal end where you gets to Granny's house safely, and the bad end where you ignored the wolf's warning about not going outside of his house.

This is so beautiful that I'm crying out of awe, I love Lucren and Mesmeri the most rn, would like to see more of their interactions XD waiting for the extras gallery to be added too! It's also awesome to see Mesmeri's dialogue to be tweaked like that ngl it was very amusing most of the time watching her interact.

Dang, good job for making me cry, really enjoyed it :"D 5/5 stars would play again and not being mean to Asmo so that I would never reach the Wicked end (ever, i can't anyway cuz I don't want to). Anyways thanks for the walkthrough! I'm also looking forward to the full version of Battle Royale: FYH~

The fighting pose of Kahlil looks cool but dang, whenever I see his tail, it makes me want to ruffle it up and feel the fluff.

Anyways, don't forget to not pushing yourself too hard going through those busy times! Praying all the best for you

Oh man, thank God the stat system is good enough. That makes me relieved enough. Often by just hearing the stat-raising tag I can remember the stress that I received from playing Long Live the Queen and few others because every-so-often got killed/rejected (having few points short in some stats like you mention) But I know that stat system can be enjoyable, and in this case I can rest assured playing The Radiants casually thanks to you

It really lives up to the horror+otome genre and i enjoy being spooked out by it especially when those timed-choices occur (got em adrenaline pumping and panicked). Although, the sound at some points can get really loud.

Looking forward for the possibly sequel of this!

Me: Ohh, seems like another good otogem, I would like to play it lat-

Latest update: 2018 (Tumblr)

Guess I'll wait yet again.. 

Glad to hear that, will be trying to keep in touch more often with that reply button (like literally). Whether from the shadows or not, all my support is always there for you, keep it up!

Praying a good, positive week for you too (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Well, the bad news isnt really bad news per se, you have really done so much since it's valentine and all. Also here i am making my first comment on your post, just to congratulate you, sorry for that. Anyways, congratulations and good luck, praying all the best for your future~

Done playing and it's been such a great lil' adventure even the puzzles aren't that annoying for me, story especially really interesting with a bit plot twist there. Keep up the good work!

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Ah, it worked. Thanks, bud! Seems like i just kinda doesn't focus enough.

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Ah, yes, another excellent otome VN that i'd spend my boring life with.  It's so simple yet captivate me, great work for creating this VN.

Finally, i've got all romantic & normal end from each route, now that leaves the death end. I think i like the both end from Sachiro's route best, and i dunno why the both end from Kurato's route feels so unsatisfied to me.

Love all the bois (except Chain, he still kinda makes me uncomfortable), but i love Junoru, Kurato, Kaichi, and Roya the most in my opinion.

*sigh* seems like it would take some time to move on from my bois- from this VN.