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your honor, he was just being productive, he's pardoned (so adorbs, i feel bad for being a meanie for him to get the moving on ending) 0/10 (bcs he has a hole in his heart get it? and zero is infinity/hj)

a short, cute game that gets the message across with a bit of folk/cautionary tale theme. played this because of Rune/the dad lmao. glad to see it resolved and the crow guy free with Ryo :) wishing for more Rune content please, please ,please, ples ,pleas, pls please i volunteer to be his spouse. please. 

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So uh, this will be a long one because i have many thoughts i need to dump about cemetery Mary and the Blackout Hospital. To say I'm really invested is an understatement, this is now a part of my hyperfixations.

(spoilers ofc)

Honestly this one was really the most difficult for me to play through because how things almost always didn't look up for Mary and she kept suffering especially through Twyla's route (i could see myself in Mary's shoes) that owl girl was kindaa hitting too close to home so after I got her bad end the first time, i was like, "God, f*ck this bit*h I'm moving on to another route" and it was Reginald's I picked, compared to Crowven who got rough-around-the-edges anger issues going on, the more calm though suspicious guy was just a better option for me atm. I've been really curious and interested about him, and I guess he grew on me after that whole fiasco in the blackout hospital. Though, I still ended up getting a bad end in his route first play too that i had to look up the walkthrough...

Even with his good ending and through true ending, it didn't really help since i was sad Reggie just disappeared... Even with Ovidius who got me attached to died.. And despite everything, I'm still stumped on how to connect the dots, there's so many lore and theories my head is spinning. I guess cemetery Mary could be called as loose prequel(?), but since Mary and Vasilis didn't recognize each other in blackout hospital, Crowven just asked Vasilis out for a date in the hospital, with Mary and Tetra being the 'doctor' too.. I was wondering if maybe blackout hospital could be a parallel universe, what with the unicorn man referenced in both, other realm, and the whole inscriptions going on that had Tetra involved in.... 

I still don't understand many things, I was glad to see some characters made appearance in each another series/game (like that Fia and her mom too), happy that Mary and Vasilis could be best friends in the blackout hospital, and Mary could be back with her family and all in this game, but with Tetra's business still going on behind everything... Things aren't resolved to the core yet so I'm just hoping I won't be forgetting about all this too much while waiting for your next works related! I just hoped Tetra could be happy, like with Mary somehow maybe, whether friends or um lovers if they can get together.

Oh yeah, also just small nagging question.. are the characters half-animal that could turn into their own full form animals?? Are there even pure humans in this world/universe? I was kinda surprised to know Tetra is actually a pufferfish seeing from his picture profile in the chat...

I'll be playing Here for Sweethearts next! Need something lighthearted rn after everything...

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PS. wdym poorly drawn gore anyway i ate up that detailed nightmare fuel, along with the other CGs (definitely not especially because of Kai of course im normal about him) i took a bunch of screenshots to admire in my collection.

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aggghhh uhhwheee *incoherent sobbings* GOD *slamming table before rolling off to the floor sprawled out pathetically* i cnat do this anymreo arhbbbllblwwh *drowns in pool of tears phasing through the floor to earth*

is that a mekakucity actors reference

moving on.. this was another banger of a vn, you killed it, also hello fellow Indonesian (i i think? :3) i didn't expect to love this game more despite not having any of those yandere theme i usually dig for, the story hooked me in right away since the protag and with the time looping stuff reminded me of that nostalgic anime though i came for the angst suffering, stayed for kai, live love kai. the free offer to date is also open for renny, just down bad for them (even Mr. Ari.. but we don't talk about that), anyway i loved and enjoyed their trio bond overall :D the story wrapped up satisfyingly with the plot twist concluding and smoothing down to the ending kinda suck at explaining review but the pacing was steady, got enough build up and tension and everything.. the banters and brawls between the boys were nice icing on the cake, i could sleep peacefully now after staying up late through to let them resolve it out so i got all the endings, the two deserved to be happy. i think just a bit tiny thing that nagged at me was the present or past tense grammar switching up sometimes that i got confused for a second or maybe this is just my English Literature soul talking nonsense

okay i have my emotions sorted out in that rant train vomit, thanks for scooping up my rant to the snail in the ear, peace out

Yep, like this. I couldn't figure out where the problem lays, I have started from new game too, and it resulted the same. Well, doesn't change my mind that I loved and really enjoyed playing this though! I've practically completed this, love Nerd and Gardener the most <3


so I've done played through the choices for ending 7 twice and got the three scenes, but i still didn't get the ending 7 to like appear in the extras legitimately. well anyway, my fav endings would be 2, 5, and 8 that I considered the best because they all either lived as friends or i got the straight chase to Love and succeeded :D

i love this sm!! the artstyle is original, rough but it's what makes it appealing homey type of vibes (sorry i suck at explaining that's meant to be a compliment I promise) and Sasha is so endearing :) i would love to know more about him honestly, or maybe play your next game, I'll definitely look forward to it. I got all the endings and felt it too short like I was devouring my sweet pastry too fast though the lingering fun feelings and fulfillment were still there! And, for a first game project, you did well!

love love love love love this so much!!! the feels and vibes it gave off hit me with a nostalgia train;; esp with the music, protag and place reminding me of wadanohara and witch's heart the most that I loved, but this game still managed to steal my heart! (def game I would support or pay if i had enough money</3)

i love all the main characters, they were so sweet and cute :') (if we don't talk about what Hunter did of course..) what i wouldn't give for a relationship like that.. i also love how you get CGs for the death ends. this game overall scratched all the right itch for me bcs of Hunter too, and of course nostalgia. finally i love how this alternate version of red riding hood played out since...


the grandma was the worst lmao thank God she died, it's so sad miss Carnation was still presumably trapped in the parallel world though despite all the help she did for the couple. i was almost expecting for there to be another ending where they could get out together with her and Hunter realized he had been acting all hostile to his own aunt/the only remaining family member he had haha. i literally got scared when i entered that heart match separating room with the main couple. i also managed to find the secret room! bunbnuuy, i hoped manly would get to play this game too. if i someday make my own RPG maker game, you would be one of my main inspirations tbh.

i think I've said enough my thoughts about this.. much love and take care smilestrawbunny <3

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i cried, the male lead was the sweetest and I adore the heroine too, i like the art, the expressions especially of the genteel yandere ml were on point. now I'm just hoping there would be a sequel about their happy endings from there on or maybe a prequel about 


the one who orchestrated behind everything and made them suffer!! 

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finished this in less than half an hour, a simple neat and challenging enough for my shrimp brain, this almost reminded me of helltaker. there were some bugs on level 6 & 7 i think where you get trapped by both skeletons at the same time, unable to move and the other was where the health bar doesn't show visible signs of decreasing despite the countdown, that's all. 

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okay this took me like 3 hours (skill issue) until i reached the 6th(?) level i think, the one after the fourth image there with 4 matches, and i quitted to take a break. though when i returned, i needed to replay from the very beginning againn, so i just wished there was some kind of save system and a main menu to exit properly. also the ability to seek some hints in some harder level would be nice, pretty please with a cherry on top :,) overall i had fun, had some sense of satisfaction and achievement to test my brain there until it overheated. cute match girl, i love the simple pixel art theme. also liked the music selections. (better have that relaxing tag removed, this game had a big impact to fry my brain and soul/hj)

i dont know if it's just due to my own pc, but shooting is a bit too slow responsive and i die easily before i could make the workers die, or maybe it's on purpose built like that. overall, i'm looking forward to a more updated and polished version of this, i had fun playing

sederhana tapi masih perlu pikir dikit ngasah logika buat main. dapet ending miskin dan ceria. cuma ada bug pas ngeklik pilihannya itu gak ke register sampai agak pegel bulak-balik diutak-atik sedikit, musiknya juga kurang ketara dan sempet harus naikkin volume sendiri sampai 50+. itu aja, semangat, ada potensi buat bikin game yang lebih mantap lagi.

This cured my arachnophobia/hj

All in all, I love both the suspense and romance, the fact that they both aren't necessarily evil or nice wholly is what gives them life/more in depth, even Raku is loveable <3 


I felt bad (literally cried a bucket) when I had to be mean to him especially the last resort act that Nelli did. The first thing I noticed that gave clues were the spider sticker on his jacket and that 'Kumo' part of Raku's name, turns out his entire name is related to spider.. I was like, no way, he is a spider?? That kiss was so sweet I couldn't turn him down even though it might have left a bad taste in mouth but it was okay because he helped! >w< i would be hyped for another story of this couple after their 'happily ever after'..! Great job!

I did, and hope you'll have a good, refreshing sleep too ;D

ironic since im staying up late playing this Vance is wworththe sleep deprivation

Help I'm playing on PC and with the PC version too but it straight away just crashed on me (。ノω\。)

help I'm crying hhhh i hope they both end up happy ever after now without those insufferable loops :(( i can't really express my opinion about this game too deeply, but i guess I'm just glad and thankful I'm still feeling the life i have right now

I may seem appear out of nowhere but I already played some of your games (really enjoyed them! You wouldn't know how much I freak out/gushing over the characters lol) and will be enjoying future projects as well! I also wanted to say that, it's okay to let yourself rest (while playing some small games/taking a walk to distract) from time to time cuz it's included as productive too in terms of powering up yourself so you can tackle the next tasks! I'm so relieved and proud you still can be here, living and telling about what you have suffered through. I have a motto that always work best in reminding me that, “If I can have the worst, then the best will surely fly over to me.”

Oh btw, I'm sorry I can't donate to you for the time being, I'm not allowed yet >.<

Big mood

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Same, I'm weak for that trope. Oh yeah, I'm definitely with you there on the Gretel part, his route was.. a questionable thing lol, it had many moments I was weirded out by. And I thought so too, thinking he was just some snobby character but he's so funny (not as funny as our loveable dork Alice tho). My favs are Alice and Cinderella as you can tell already, Red Riding Hood (quiet adorbs, I'm digging for a blushy mess kind of characters), the Wizard, and Snow White.

Oh yeah I actually have played that! My top favs are Waltz and Fritz, how about yours? Speaking of recommendation.. you should play Taisho x Alice if you haven't! It revolves around these genderbend fairytale characters (Cinderella, etc)!

it's a red carpet to welcome you

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It's beyond my expectations, I really enjoyed playing it bonus points for the puns. Could relate to Mia lol. I loved square and triangle (like a sucker for tsunderes I am..) the most, I still loved circle too though. Any characters I didn't like is none... They all are loveable and adorable! Mia somehow reminds me of Monika now that I realized it.. with her ponytail, fourthbreak-wall talks and the green color scheme? Just a pleasant coincidence for me.

I have to say, i really like your artstyle it's cute and I feel like I've seen anything like that from some fanarts in the past it gives me nostalgia feeling lol

And the story is decent enough, tho I really want to know if the guy-


were also some kind of creature, with that ending.. what happened afterwards?? And what creature was the kid supposed to represent as; some kind of man-eating monster or?

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I can't do it, my heart felt really warm along with my stomach (cuz i laughed too many times).

Alright. This will be quite long.. sorry in advance! I'm still really excited after playing it (got all endings too!)

1. Ine, Al, and MC. I hate math but then it became a tsundere (which is my weak point) so.

2. The moment MC realized their wish was granted, also the line 'I might've saved the universe in my past life!' or something. And the whole scenes in Ine's part, I couldn't stop laughing. Well I already laughed from the very beginning MC freaked out meeting Al and thought he was gaslighting MC as some psychology project. I don't know, the humor fitted me i guess.

3. ABSOLUTELY. No pressure ofc.

Souma :( played fast, got attached quick lol what happened to them, I wonder. I'm thinking if Souma is some test subject or an alien..

Anyways, looking forward to more content from this! And curious of other characters already..

Nope, it's like that from the very first i start it. Had done that, still the ssame.

Um so I'm having a problem i don't know how to fix, the texts are unreadable like this. Title screen is fine tho, still have text and all.

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I agree with you, it's definitely a big accomplishment since you made it; your first visual novel! Partly I agree because I myself am still too lazy to learn about making a visual novel even though I already have many good ideas in store;; 

Also, I wonder if the next VN you gonna make will be yandere-themed again? Or if not, thriller-mystery genre then?

I'm looking forward to it and the February next year at any rate!

For a first game, it was really good and man does the story hit my heart hard ( ;∀;) i wasn't expecting so many plot twists too, gee

Glad i could learn more about this small but special VN

Worth the sacrifice ;)

Dating a tsundere demon lord? Don't mind if i do. Although, I could've sworn i had died when he genuinely smiled 5/5 satisfying experience

huge, HUGE ABSOLUTELY MONSTER ENORMOUS love for all of them

except you-know-who

Spoilery stuffs⚠️

Loving that pretty zen MysMes reference tho.

Also not me being jelly of salo's wife and disappointed when I don't get to know their real names 😁

Looking forward to another hot mystery! ;) 🤤 Damn, i wanna date xyx so bad now wtf

Oh okay then, thanks a bunch!

Same, honestly God, pls i love him so much i was so sad too when Damon don't hesitate to sell me off but then he freakin made me cryyy

Sorry for the nowhere comment there, i really agree with yours 😩