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Nice art work. Not really a game as you have no choices whatsoever. Could have been really good though. As it stands, it's a bit of an empty shell without much substance.

Congrats, dev team. I liked it. I wouldn't really call this a "game", though. I'd call it a short story, or something like that. Not an interactive story, as those tend to let you choose different commands which will bring you into branching paths for example. But still, I really enjoyed it. I appreciate the effort you all put into this, and I appreciate you giving me the opportunity of experiencing it. So, thank you :-)

Keep it going!

Wonderful. In one word, wonderful. What a game. They should have a picture of this game in an illustrated dictionary when you look for the meaning of "atmosphere". I mean, if you like atmosphere in art, like I very much do, this one is a must. Great art style, great sound design, and most impressive, great writing. Immediate connection with the character and situation, even if there's no personal experience of going through the things our character is going through. That's what great writing does.

Thank you so much, Dev. Your work is a thing of beauty, and we're all lucky to have experienced it :-)

I do, atygeek. I appreciate WrongKynd and, most of all, I appreciate the work and effort you put into it. I admire you and Devs like you :) I really do. You guys don't have a huge corporation to back you up but you are still able to gift us with your art. Thank you! Keep going! 

Congratulations, Dev. Wonderful little game you got here. Really liked the controls and the gameplay overall. Graphics are sweet, sound design is spot on, well done mate. Thank you.

Great work, dev. Thank you!

Fun game :-) Hide all the evidence or get busted. Simple, but cool.

Thank you, dev.

Such a great work here, well done devs.

Very intriguing story, excellent music, beautiful 8-bit style graphics, and easy to grasp gameplay. It's all good, I say :-)

Merci Dev, good work here. Not really my style of game but even so I enjoyed it.

Thank you, Dev. Wow... 

Very deep feelings in such a short game... geez. Well done, great worki, and again, thank you :-)

Wow. Brilliant little experience you provide here, Bitsy. Incredibly original, this kind of game is not something I come across often. Really interesting gameplay, intentionally unnerving audio and as for the graphics, no doubt unique. Well done, Bitsy. Wish you the best.

NiklasG, really good game :-) Happy to have experienced it, and really appreciate you and your work. Thank you!

Very atmospheric game. Graphics are nice and colorful, but the writing takes the prize. More, please! :-)

So interested in this and really wishing I could play it but the font you chose for the text makes it incredibly hard to read. Not sure if anyone else had commented on this aspect but it is a major detractor for a player trying to feel immersed in the world you've crafted here. Want to play it so bad, though :-) The little I was able to play immediately told me I would be in for a great atmospheric experience.

Keep it up, dev ;)

Wow, great work Second Dimension Games! :-) A clear homage to the greatest horror sci-fi of them all and it's beautiful. Love the graphical art work  and sound design. The gameplay is very straightforward, your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It's got all the potential of becoming one of those games one simply can't put down, with that "just one more time and then I'm done" feel :-)

Thank you for the experience, Dev!

Alexey, cool little game you got here. Really fun to play, and I can imagine the things you can add to this to make it even more fun and addicting. Well done, really, and thank you for this! :-)

Nice work, dev.

Short but sweet :-)

Definitely nailed it, congrats and thank you!

Great atmosphere, nailed it. Really  good idea, dev. What a vision :-)

Congrats, and thank you for the experience!

Really awesome, dude, congrats are in order for this fantastic work of yours :-)

I think I got stuck after getting the proton pack. It says "kill'em all" but I can't see any ghosts after killing off the 11th one. There's 4 ghosts missing and they don't show up anywhere in the house :-(

Thank you for this awesome little game!

Well done, illusia. Fantastic little novel you have here. Thoroughly enjoyed it till the end. Thank you! 

Would have loved to see different face models, maybe more characters and plots, but I am fully aware this was done in a very short time and for that, it truly is amazing. Congrats, illusia!