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Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that!

Thanks for playing! I had more planned (and a more complex mystery) initially, but I had to cut some corners in the end to work with the time limit. There is only one ending. The backgrounds were stock photos and the characters were made with a program called Mannequin.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I felt like the character portraits made it clearer to see who was talking when there was more than one person around, but I know what you mean. They are very different styles. Glad you liked the backgrounds though, I purposefully made them all black and white to try to set the mood :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the game :) I had more planned for the game initially, but since this was a jam game made during a week, I ran out of time in the end. Maybe I'll revisit this project or make a sequel sometime though, who knows :)

This was an interesting game, but I didn't seem to be able to make any money even when I had harvested a lot. It seems the amount of vampires who come to your stand is random? So some nights only a few would come buy from me and other nights a huge queue would form up - but then before the queue is cleared, the night is already over, so I often ended up with less money than I had started with, even when I had leftover legs and arms. Really unique idea though! It was fun to play.

This is a really interesting idea and I was really looking forward to playing this game. However, unfortunately it seems to be unplayable for me. I initially encountered some memory error when trying to launch the game. I got it to work the second time, but I also encountered the problem where the cards won't stick to their places and I can't hit "play" when I eventually do get them to stick (some cards refused to stick no matter what). I played it in full screen, so that didn't seem to do it for me.

Thanks for playing! I don't mind at all :) You're right, it's very simplistic as it is. I had a lot more planned for the mystery: different scenes and characters, but in the end I even had to crop some scenes out and add some shortcuts because I ran out of time implementing the different scenarios. So, I understand you 100%. The game turned out to be a very simplified version of what I wanted to do. In my original plan, it wasn't nearly as straight-forward :D

Thanks for letting me know that I can still edit the game page, I'll do that!

I love vampire romances! Astoria was sweet. I got ending 4 with her :) ...But what's the bat sex ending? :D I'll have to play this again to find out, haha.

Thanks! I'm sure nearly everyone wishes they could've done more... :D

Thank you! Yeah, that's a definite time crunch issue. I had actually planned this very differently in the beginning, but due to the limited time, I had to crop a lot of stuff out and take some shortcuts to make it work at least somehow.

This was a really nice game! I liked the combination of the mystery of what happened to you and trying to get out of the tomb. Can't believe you made it in only 27h!

This game is very pretty! I hope you continue the story. Curious to see what happens.

Great game! I loved the graphics and the attention to detail. I actually haven't played Bloodlines, but I thought the game was still enjoyable and relatively easy to follow even without knowing the background story.

Thank you! I'm sorry about the bug. I'm glad you were able to play the game until the end despite that!

Oh no! I'm so sorry about that! :( I thought I had fixed those all before submitting. Thank you for letting me know.

I don't know if I'm allowed to fix it during the jam, but for anyone else playing the game: If you avoid making the above choice, you should be able to finish the game. 

Thank you for playing and thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we didn't really have time to polish the game as much as we would've liked, but we will fix that after the jam :)

Nice game! I like the art and the tortoise is great! Loved the animation when it's walking around. I also encountered the water level glitch, but the unit symbols show up just fine for me.

I also got stuck after the puddle, but I like the style of the game and I'm really interested to see the rest of the story once the bugs are fixed. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. And thank you for the feedback! The game definitely still needs some tweaking and we plan to work on it more, so your feedback is incredibly helpful! :) Making all the art during the jam would have been quite impressive, but the characters were actually made with a program called Mannequin and the backgrounds are from Freepik. We've put the credits in the game and on the game page.

First of all, thank you for playing our game and trying to figure it out! :) We were definitely going for the "lost wandering in the forest forever" feeling. However, there IS a way to exit and the map is not random, so drawing the map should have worked. The game is  puzzle adventure and in order to exit, you should visit two people and two locations first. The people you visit give you items and information, one location has an item you can obtain, and the other location is the exit. You have 5 moves in a day until night falls and the magic of the forest returns you to the meadow where you started. So basically you can wander around/visit one place per day and then start from the middle again. Once you've visited all places, you should discover the way to exit. I will give you a few hints if you like :) 

HINT 1 - Character locations
Since the map is connected in many places, these are not the only ways to get to the people, but they are probably the easiest.
Stranger - from the meadow, go east-east-north-north
Witch - from the meadow, go north-west-through the tunnel-north-west

HINT 2 - The two other locations (these places are mentioned by the above characters)
Lake - given by the stranger. From the meadow, go south-west-west
Cave - this is the exit. Given by the witch (she says it is east from her) so from the meadow, go north-west-through the tunnel-north-east

However, you can't just walk to the exit without visiting the other places. If you do so... Well, give it a try :) 

Once you've visited all places, you should be able to figure out how to unlock the exit and leave the forest. 

HINT 3 - Read only if you've visited all places but still don't know how to exit! 
The cave/exit is guarded by a dragon. The witch tells you the dragon likes shiny things and if you find the lake, you will notice something shiny (gold) in the bottom. But unless you've visited the stranger, you cannot get the gold from the bottom of the lake. The stranger gives you a fishing rod when you visit him, and with this fishing rod, you can get the gold. Now, once you have the gold, you can use it to lure the dragon away from the cave (you will be given the option to leave the gold at the meadow the next time the game returns you there after obtaining the gold). Once you leave the gold at the meadow, you can walk to the exit and this time the dragon will not be there and you can exit the forest :)

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It is written explicitly in the game description, according to the instructions. 

Thanks for the quick response! I've followed you. I'll wait for the March update, sounds good. I really hope the update would have some short (even shorter) hairstyles for male characters (and for the tough, badass girl characters!)

Also, another suggestion: dresses, please? Just some basic long sleeve, short sleeve, and top-style dresses would be great. Thanks! I look forward to the update.

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Hi, I just tried the demo and this program has some great potential! However, I was wondering if the actual version is as limited in the styles available for male characters? For example, the demo had only one hair style for male characters. Is this the case for the paid version as well? I would really need some more male options for this program to be useful for me, so it would be great to know if the actual program already has more styles or if more styles are coming soon. Thanks!