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Great game my dudes definitely give it a shot. There's just one thing that bugs me, can the lock be opened?

Good game, Didn't know there was a second demo, will absolutely check that out as well. (Considering that I still want to know what's actually going on lol)

Thank you lol, :) Waiting for some more games from you in the future. Ill be keeping an eye out.

Thank you very much for the scares. You got me man, good work on the game.

To be completely fair, maybe I came into this game with different expectations. After watching some footage from other sources, there are weapons and things to face off against the aliens. Perhaps I just suck?

Had an amazing jump scare from your demo, really enjoyed the atmosphere and the game play, very spooky. Awesome job guys.

My daughter and I both really enjoyed your game, thank you for the fun