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Jordan, round of applause GJ on the game loved it

Had a blast. Poor ghost pooch he was awesome! 

I played through the entire game! I enjoyed it very much! Good job, Definitely a weird ending though.

We played and had fun. Pud loved it lol gj

Lol I was trying to hit a high score! I dont think I was successful

We're gonna have to do another run! Had a great time with it, and yes you got me lol

So good that I have bought and played the 2nd one and wishlisted the 3rd :) TY!

Thanks for the fun!

Too Good! Lol my wife made me play, but I had a blast! TY GJ

What a wonderful game! And What a twist of a Story! lol thank you!

Great time with a fun game! Thanks for the experience!

I liked the idea of a huge ball pit building! Great job on the game

I can't wait to get the other endings very fun game brotato!

Made me miss DDR or Guitar hero! Thats why I had to win against my wife lol TY for a fun time!

Was not expecting this LMAO but good times and fun game!

My wife loved this game so much she plays it in her free time now. Its an odd but fun concept.

We had alot of fun very enjoyable horror game. Loved where the inspiration came from lol GJ

Great job, had lots of fun playing this one

Awesome game dude thanks for the spooks!

We had fun and it was a pretty wild ride TY!

Great job! Loads of fun! 

Had a great time with a huge CAT! TY

Great game! Cleaning sim mixed with some spooky time! 

Had an awesome time! Loved the game and had a bunch of fun, Thank you!

Bro, I tried so hard to be innocent.. fun game!

I actually enjoyed this game. Lots of twists. Good job!

I played it, made friends with a mannequin and defeated Wax boy as a guy that sounds like Billy Butcher lol in short GJ loved it!

Great job on the game very impressed with everything from the graphics, to the movement and the spooks. 

Dude... twisted.. Loved it though gj

Dude I tried so Hard to Win lol Good spin-off game though

Fun game glad I played it! Shocked about the ending too lol

Good Game! It was strange and different and I enjoyed it. Loved the ending we got.

My daughter recommended the game. She told me at least I did better than anyone else she's watched lol gg

My daughter wanted to play it, and we had fun. GJ! Really set up the atmosphere

Not terrifying, HOWEVER, I loved it gj

is it beatable tho?

I made it out no problemo lol got spooked for a second tho

Awesome concept, really enjoyed the effects