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thank you! what types of game are you into if I may ask?

Trap Labs has turned from this:


It's also my first time on as well!

After not getting much traction with the various early demos I posted around the interwebs I decided to revamp the art. The art was completely overhauled, and many new features were added. I wrote a new story with a silly and comedic premise and decided that the flat cartoon style of the early 2000s would work nicely. The art is heavily influenced by shows like Fairly OddParents, Dexter's Lab, and PPG.

Trap Labs is an action puzzler where you must run from one side of the room to the other without dying. The new demo includes 26 levels specially made for the demo, 5 bonus challenges, and one online multiplayer map for testing. Any feedback is highly welcome!

The demo is also available on Steam and Android

Here's a teaser video from March: