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Definitely a cool concept, like Snake if it were a plat former. Would love to see this as a side scroller, maybe with an ability to clear or erase some of your past selves? Or a timed version where a new 'you' is added every 10 seconds and you see how long you can last.

Simple but fun. Not sure how to put it into words, but I really like the concept of letting the player 'cancel out' a direction they've chosen (if they press <-, pressing -> cancels horizontal movement). It keeps you on your toes, and forces the player to think out the entire path they're going to take before moving. Great job, and good choice of visuals as well!

Love the art design and the sound effects, really polished for the small time frame you had. The puzzles were fun and felt fair to the player. Really liked when the combat element was added in, was a bit challenging predicting where the enemies would move to though. Great game altogether!

I'm bad at puzzle games but yours made me play it all the way through. Great game with a lot of versatility in how the levels are beaten.

Really fun game! The "loss of control" played really well into the game jam theme. I might not have noticed, but it would be awesome if the flying kick moved you towards your 'lost abilities' like it did with enemies.

Gave me a good laugh. I love the idea of the game slowly distorting as it goes on, kinda reminds me of The Stanley Parable.

Found your game while watching Mark's GMTK playlist. Really fun concept and amazingly done for under 48 hours! I love the idea of learning other languages, but I never put enough effort in to actually learn them. Speech Racer forced me to adapt and learn other languages or I else couldn't continue to play it. Would definitely play a full length game of this!

Also loved how when you died you had to type RETRY as well. Would have been cool if you had to type it in the language level you died in.