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If anyone's still here, I have big plans

It'll take a while so hope you stay tuned!

Makes me very happy to know you liked it! I'll do my best to improve, thanks for your feedback, notyourpenguin!

Glad you enjoyed the story, LastBaron! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it! I'll try to stay around here dropping more games & I hope u too! <3

Thank you, Tundan, I really appreciate it!

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Thank you so much! It really makes me happy to know you think all of that about something I created, I really did put a lot of effort into this one, and I'll keep trying to improve, so hopefully you see one of my dream games someday! <3
BTW Your game is great as well, the gameplay is flawless, I'm sure you'll get far too!

Great level design, good graphics and music, can't believe I didn't see it before!

Thank you so much! It really makes me happy to know you enjoyed it, have a nice day <3

I'm so happy you enjoyed the art, I truly did put a lot of effort into it! And thank you for pointing that out! I'll sure make an adjustment to the game's level of difficulty and extend it after the jam is over! The kick has a little cooldown, I'll try to update it and make that explicit!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support, Harrison! Did my best with this game <3

Thanks for your feedback, glad you like it!

Aw, thanks for the kind words, FlokiTV! I was truly aiming for that kind of experience with everything and it makes me really happy to know you had it! You calling it "a work of art" & "beautiful" is so gratificating for me <3
Oh, and of course! I'll do my best to improve character design on next games, thank you so much for being comprehensive!

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Thanks for pointing that out, never thought the title could be confusing/misleading; English is not my main language but I'm glad you gave it a chance, your feedback means a lot to me, I did give my best on this game and it makes me really happy to know that you enjoyed it! <3

Would be awesome, so I can rate it!

It's so original, makes it stand out among any other kind of gameplay in this jam, really fun, nice job, Luis! Reminds me of Kinectimals, and Papa's flash games, I loved those & I love yours <3

Wow, I never would have expected that 😸

Can't believe I didn't see this game before, it's awesome! Keep it up, guys

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Thank you so much for your support, TeamDisgrace! I really did my best with the game, I'm glad you think that about the music & art
Also I already did played yours, it's amazing! I'm actually the first comment

Glad you did, MIUSOFT! Thanks for commenting!

Does that count as an update? I picked the worst I could and I really feel it's not very striking, I would love to replace it

I don't know, sir, can't really play it! You got it on Liluo?

I truly appreciate your feedback, Mercurio! That enjoying the music means a lot to me!
I'll do my best to improve and keep in mind checkpoints for the future, the game is super hard for sure

I really appreciate your feedback, Volatilecomet! I put a lot of effort into music and graphics
I knoww, the game is super hard, thanks for commenting about it, and the solution! <3
Your game is great too! Wish you luck on the jam, it's an incredible job!

Thank you so much for your support, that means a lot to me!

Glad you liked it, am1tanaka! That means a lot to me, I did my best to create a wholesome story with them :)

The story is funny, the graphics are good and the gameplay is well done, great job!

It's insane but is this allowed? 😂

Truly a peculiar game, haven't seen something similar before, good job! The music is also good and the vibes it gives are unique, like a film

I'll try to extend the game after the jam is over, I wasn't expecting to receive this much of positive feedback, thank you ollie!
I'll look into it and do my best to improve the gameplay, it surely is a hard game.
Your comment made me laugh tho, I know bouncing bullets all around might seem weird 😂 but I truly didn't have time to add more enemies or even introduce to the story why that happens, I'll drop an easier update with smoother physics after the jam is done! Appreciate the comment

Appreciate it, Artoomics! I focused a lot on the art of the game! Your game is awesome as well, good luck!

Thanks, SchnodelFactory! I tried using same harmony for both so the transition doesn't feel so heavy, glad you liked it, really did my best!

You did a great job communicating the feeling through the environment and the art style is amazing! Understandable controls, polished game! Really good job, good luck in the jam

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I'm glad you liked it, GalliumElk! And thanks for the feedback! :D

Thank you so much, overcrafted! I did put a lot of effort into it and it makes me really happy to know it was worth, to know people can enjoy something I made and get a story I wanted to communicate!
Yours is also great, wish you luck in the jam!

Doesn't that thing look fancy

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Share Your Game!
There's way too many games, so there's a chance I haven't played yours yet;
even if I did, you could share it so that more people get to rate it as well!
Hey! No pressure, you don't have to rate or play mine in exchange, it's just so
that other creators have fun with your creation! You should try others too!

Yes, it's the third rule, look:
"Games must be submitted through for rating as well as (see videos below for instructions)."


How comes I didn't see this game before? It's incredible! Nice job with the graphics & the gameplay, it's a really fun adventure, does feel alive and doesn't feel repetitive!
But the music though, you sure you can use that¿ 😖

Super polished, it's amazing! And you fit the theme very well, great job, good luck on the jam!

Thank you, nilson! I did my best with the theme song to make it stand out and have a musical identity