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Really impressive room, I know because I tried making a single room too!

I love looking through people's bookshelves, bwhahaha.

I see you have a lot of audio books. Any recommendations? Maybe, one that would most help a hobbyist looking for just a "good enough" approach / just the basic essentials?

Thanks for your thoughts! You're the best. The game's calming surface belies a cruel nature. To win, just keep trying windows.

Ha! I'm grateful to you for turning me on to this comic. Also I enjoyed the game, I had a great "oh shit!" moment when my stop sign landed on top of a bus and it drove off, right out of town! Luckily I managed to catch up and grab it just in time.

Great look, I love impressionism. You mentioned on your blog I think that the filter can run in realtime? I'm curious what that would look like. If it would make the world flicker and ruin the mood/tone, maybe some kind of hybrid where you move in discrete bits but can look around freely with the mouse? Dunno, just curious/brainstorming. Thanks for making and sharing this.

I kind of want to play a full game like this, just imagine the psychological effects on the officers that have to put themselves in the mental state of the murderer every day. Juicy over-arching story potential.

Also I like this line and think it is both hilarious and sets a great tone for the game, "it is the future, and murder has been outlawed." (Like it isn't already? Ha!)

Didn't meant to write so much (had to split it into three comments!), but here we are... thanks for making the game!

I feel like there's a lot of potential here, so I'll share my thoughts. I think just a few tweaks could go a long way:

-Consider tightening up the movement, it feels a bit sluggish. Also I got stuck on the stairs a few times

-That floating gun feels kind of weird. I know it's a simulation, but something about it just floating there and also how high it is seems a bit off (actually maybe the player's head is just too low in general)?

-I found effectively using the newspaper to be too hard: between getting the victim to the place you prepare (you just have to wait?) and the incredible fountains of blood (which I liked, don't get me wrong) it feels like comically impossible, but not in an intentional way.

-When the victim continues to bleed after the evidence has been collected, I feel like I am cheated out of all those potential points!

-Sometimes the game will just end and I'm not sure why. (Maybe because I scared the victim away?)

I like the premise, I like the effects, I like the architecture. I'm not sure I've ever felt so devious (premeditated) in all my killings in the many games over the years than I did here, laying the newspaper out to collect the victim's blood. Of course, then I got bored of waiting for them to randomly walk over and instead tried to shoot them as much as I could for all dem red blood points.

One of my favorites so far. I'm a sucker for both aviation and low poly stuff. Being the tail gunner is also a nice and interesting twist to the usual formula.

Holy weapons, batman! I think it was about the time I accidentally made an oculoid grow to a giant size that I realized I liked this game. Hilarious and fun, well done.

I like this one. I like the premise, I like the feel. I like wandering around each station exploring while you wait for your train. I like the ending. Great job!

My first thought was a second hand would be nice on the watch, but after playing I'm less sure it's needed.

Nice! I think wistfully about what the controls to a bird game would be like whenever I catch sight of one in real life.

I like the idea of separate controls for each wing, although it was difficult to feel at first blush if you gain any subtly of control over just a single joystick.