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Hi, you're very kind! 

We are working on translating to several languages, All the ones you mentioned, plus a few more. But it is not with a professional translation service, so it's going kinda slowly, but we will make it happen eventually. :)

Thank you! <3

Ze and I are so happy to hear you enjoyed our story, it always warms our hearts. ^^ If you want you can join us on our Discord to chat about the game and see what we are doing (I’m currently redrawing lots of Ilar’s faces for the expanded ed.)

Glad you liked it! If you got only the hug it means you didn’t see the true ending. You should give it a few more playthroughs and try different things. ^^ If you need a guide you can find  it here.

Hey there. The full game has quite a bit more content than act  1 and 2 combined. A lot of act 1 and 2 content has been re-written and edited, and the entire game is structured differently, so I would not recommend trying to transfer any saves.  It'd be more enjoyable to experience it again as a new thing.

Steam used to give us devs the option to give discounts to people who already own another game, but they changed it shortly before we released the full game, so we could no longer do that. We wrote an apology post to our players at the time. We gave everyone a free fan pack, which has the OST and wallpapers, and some short stories from the same world. 

So I hope this answers your questions and make you feel better about the situation, let us know what you think!

Heey! You can find the mac version here.

We are glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, of course! Let us know if you do it and we’ll share it on our discord for some extra eyeballs. ^^

We are glad to hear you enjoyed our game. ^^ It was fun to try and make something short for a change. 

Thank you so much for playing, we are happy to hear you enjoyed our story! <3

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We are so glad you are enjoying our game! <3 You actually can smooch Ilar on several occasions (and do much more) - if you make the mood right ^^ 

Thank you so much for enjoying our story! ^^ Yeah, once you know the truth you can’t unsee it hehe. 

Thank you, I'm glad to jear you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing. <3 We really appreciate it! Was there anything you wish was done differently in the other game? We are always trying to finetune our projects and smooth out potential parts that might be confusing, and I’m very interested to hear from people who think there is still room to improve based on the rating they gave us. 

The one’s displayed is what you receive. Unfortunately I don’t have smaller 32x32 versions of it. :/

Hi! Thank you so much for getting the pack. <3 I’ll do my best to try and remember, it’s been a while. I’ll name them from left to right, top to bottom.  Parsley, some kind of shimp on avocado(?) and piece of bread, egg on a toast, bread with cream cheese and tomatoes, an empty bread bun, dragon fruit, a bowl of ramen with eggs, meatballs or falafel, pumpkin soup, just noodles, french toast with egg, pile of something on a sweet potato slice, two more ramen type bowls and pile of empty tortilla wraps. I hope that helps. ^^

It’s fixed they/them

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Thank you so much for enjoying our game and for reporting the crash, I must have introduced it with the latest update. ^^; I’ll investigate it.

thank you! And thanks for the lovely review, I smiled when I read it. <3

That’s awesome <3 did you see that we are publishing the prologue story for our next game? Maybe you would enjoy reading that as well. ^^ Also it would be awesome if you gave us a rating - it really helps us reach more people. (I feel shy asking people like this, but our audience is so small so every rating makes a big difference. ^_^;)

I’m happy you enjoyed it! <3 

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Btw, we have a discord where we chat about our games and post all kinds of updates, in case you are interested in joining us there. <3

That's so lovely to hear! Thanks for the rating, it means a lot. We also can't wait to share more of the story with you. :)

I hope you will enjoy our new stories! It’s still only a few pages, but we have a lot waiting to be published. ^^

Steam is updated as well. ^^

Yup yup! Do you want me to tell you how to get them or you are up for some hunting? :)

My pleasure, I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the story. If you still have troubles finding some stuff you can always poke me. <3


Hi! So, for the alternate true ending you need to make sure the body you-know-who would use in the main true ending is dead. One of the ways to do that is to give your name to the homunculus when they ask you to make a promise and then agree to give blood. After that try to be good and kind as if you are going for the normal true ending (it’s good idea to trade the shiny memory to hermit so you don’t need to look for extra waters). The true ending should proceed as before, but now instead of finding them in the new body something else will happen. As for the scenes, I’m not sure of the top of my head, but do you have two scenes where Vyn is violent with the knife? If those two are missing there is a section in the guide that tells you how to get those achievements and the scenes.

Noted. XD

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I’m glad it worked, and I apologise for the bug being there. I hope your experience will be smooth from now on. <3

Hello! I’m sorry to hear you encountered this bug. In case your save screen looks empty and without any entries, try scrolling the mouse and the entries should appear again. I’m aware of this rare bug, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what is causing it or how to fix it. >_< Mouse scrolling should do the trick though. I hope this helps. ^^

Thank you so much! <3 I’m really happy you like what we do. ^^

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I saw somebody playing one run of the story and not being sure if the game is done, and even if I can’t reply directly to the rating comment, I might as well say something here. X) - on average players don’t get the real ending until 7-12 hours of playing,  (7 hours is with guide usually) while some people spend 20-30h for a completeonist run. Each run is part of the big story and by playing one run you barely even stirr the water. You need to play several differenent runs to be able to find the ending. Also, most of the explicit romantic stuff is in that true ending, so yeah. ^^

Thank you so much for leaving such a long review. I know some things require some squinting to be make complete sense, it’s because it’s our first story we wrote and Some things I maybe didn’t explain the best. For the next one we will try to do better. :) And thank you for finding these few typos. I’ll make sure to fix them tomorrow. ^^

Hi, very cool stuff, I'm very interested in getting it for a project, I was wondering if you provide tech support sometimes? I would like to draw the effect only to an area if the screen via sn arbitrary sprite as a mask, is this possible with this tool?

Do you have a discord server?

Thank you!

Can you join our discord and we'll talk there?

Hmm, not exactly, you can see the style from the screenshots. Since we currently lack any extra funds, we are doing only volunteer fan translation with a small revshare.

I’m glad you enjoyed it! <3

Thank you so much! <3

You are missing an achievement or an item in the gallery? Maybe we can help with that.

Our game inspired you to create something? Share it with us!