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Thank you so much! <3

You are missing an achievement or an item in the gallery? Maybe we can help with that.

Our game inspired you to create something? Share it with us!

You enjoyed the game? Let us know! It makes us happy when we hear from you. <3

Here you can describe issues you encounter. If you are able it would be appreciated if you provide a screenshot of the problem you found.

Here you can discuss major events of the story. If you are participating here it is assumed you saw the true ending so there is no need to avoid spoilers.

Here you can discuss the game while you are playing. Please try to avoid revealing major spoilers.

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Please go to our steam community forum for the guide itself, we put it there due to the fact that forums don't seem to have the spoiler tag function.

Oh! Please do!

Cuddles come after the struggles and they are all the sweeter for it. ^^

Thank you so much for your feedback! We just released version 1.04 which should hopefully prevent this from happening again.

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I’m so happy to hear you are enjoying it! We are trying to solve this problem about save/load dissappearing and we managed to figure out that if you scroll your mouse they will appear again. Do you mind telling me more about the situation where this happens? How many save slots you think you had filled at the time the bug appeared? Did you have the Act1 or 2 installed before you downloaded the full game? Does this happen when you access  saves both from main menu and from in-game? It will help me pinpoint what exactly went wrong. >_<

Also, if it’s not too much trouble, can you send me a screenshot of you save game folder? It’s in %appdata%/Renpy/COTTD

You’re welcome and I hope you enjoy the game! ^^

Heya! I found out what happened and it was a bit of a wtf moment for me. So apparently, while we were prepping  the full game, Steam changed it’s policies about giving dicount codes and now only games that sell really well have an option to do that. We can’t give the refund either unless it’s less than 14 days since purchase and less than 2 hours of playtime. So we sent a free fan pack and a message to everybody who owns it as an apology. This one is totally out of our hands. >_<

Hey, thanks for reporting this, we put up a patch for this, hopefully it'll work properly now. :)

Thank you so much, I hope you will enjoy it! 

Owners of the Act2 should get a 50% discount since act2 on steam was priced $10 on steam instead of $20 here. Do you not see the discount? :o

They are both the same. 

That's very kind of you!

I came across Fata Morgana as one of the highest quality visual novels out there, and it shares similar themes and moods with ours.

Although I've not played yet, I gather that it did really well, so I'm very glad to hear you make this comparison. :)

I hope you'll enjoy our game when it comes out and let us know how you like it.

yay, awesome! And I’m glad you are enjoying it <3

oh wow, I need to ask around for this one, I have no idea what might be happening. Just to check, you deleted to saves from AppData/Roaming/RenPy/ ? 

I see it, thank you! ^_^

Yeehaw! :)

Thank you so much! <3 

Hmm, I’m looking at the twitter and I see only game updates so I think it’s not hacked, I hope. >_< I don’t spend almost any time on twitter these days so I don’t know if Ze is doing something with it. We are not planning to do nothing related to NFTs with our game but we are interested in learning about cryptos on a personal level.  I hope that answers your question and helps with your decision.

Yeah, that would be totally fine. ^^ 

Looks amazing! Looking forward to trying it when I have time. ^^

Hello! I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with installing the game. :( I’m googling to try and find what to do about it, and it seems that people with this problem are still able to download the game normally from the website itself. The problem is only using the app. Can you try doing that? If it still doesn’t work I’ll try to see if I can do something on my end, but it’s weird since you are the first person to tell us about this issue. 

Thank you so much for enjoying our story and art! We will do our best and continue to improve. <3 

Hi, thank you for playing ^^ (I replied to the portrait question in the other comment) If you play more you will see that your choices drastically change what happens and no ending is set in stone. For the sake of not spoiling anything, I’ll just say that this is not a story which can be absorbed in one playthrough. By making one choice you are giving up the other. Or maybe a missed opportunity will lead you to a completely different place.  :)

By default MC appearance is undefined. Since except several features like an eel tattoo, piercings and the skin markings of the "Dyed" caste, MC appearance is never described which leaves to the greatest freedom of imagining your own character. The one design you can see is one Ze and I imagined for ourselves and some people liked it so we added it to the game as a bonus and if you choose our premade Vyn you will see two bonus images. But it makes no impact to the story whatsoever. So you can safely ignore our premade character.

Thank you! <3

Thank you!

Maybe I should re-brand these as extended poetry or long-prose? Might be better for my readership, hahaha.

I'm glad to hear you found something here though, one person is all it takes to make this whole endeavour worthwhile.

Happy dancing!

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I can't think of anything clever so say when someone is so supportive, except thank you so very much and we hope whatever we do brings you much enjoyment!

Thanks for sharing, I had a suspicion many people are waiting for the whole story as well, but part of my de:finition of a good story is one that doesn't quite satisfy the reader 100%. Maybe 99%, but not 100%. :p

Oh, most definitely good sir and/or lady.

You're the kind of reader we were looking for. :)

I’m very curious and eager to hear some theories about what you think led to where Vyn and Ilar are now. :3 Feel free to tell us if you gave some ideas or suspicions.

Aww, that is so sweet of you, I’m so glad you found us and that we can share our story with you. <3