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Hello, thanks for your interest! There is no explicit content in the game, but it does feature some heavy subjects, and is not meant to be played by kids. So thread with care c:

i love chromatic fantasy so so so much!!!!
i thing your drawings are very good, very nice details and colors, and dynamism and cool poses i am in love ♥♥ the dogs and the knight where especially scary here wel done :)
and the story is great, i love more casper & jules every second i see of them, if that is even possible sqlfmjdqghs

this was really awesome!!

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(probably not readable, but here is my travel if you want to take a look c: )


nice, i went home after 13 days of travel!
time to take care of my sheep 🐑 (and i kinda adopted the doppelganger after meeting them for the 3rd time at home, i guess they were taking care of the sheep while i was away)

a very fun game

I did it with 2 friends and it was very fun, thanks for this game ! we finished the game in like ~2hours and it was wonderful ♥ ♥

trop bien je suis Soldat Géant de Pierre :o

this was so great! well i didn't get a job (yet?) but at least i had a lot of fun getting all the acheivements!

Merci !

Je pense que Logan est vraiment bon pour ce genre de sujets 🤍

that was so so cool!! thx!!

This looks so cool! I wanna play this, I just need to find a rat master 👑🐀

And the illustrations are so cute 💛

i played sinless and i was a very well written game ♥

First one ☺️

(Je suis si hypé hahaha)

En vrai c'est largement okay niveau transmission ; je suis sûr que mon Cimetière aurait été différent du tien, mais il y a clairement de quoi se lancer dans la version que j'ai lue.

(Mais mon cerveau est dévoré par un ver nommé Elden Ring, ça doit aider)

En tous cas j'ai hâte de finir de lire cette version ci, d'autant plus si elle va au bout !

HAAAAAHHHH !!!! *cours partout en hurlant d'excitation*

Ça fait des années que je suis très enthousiasmé·e par Cimetière. Et le jour où tu sors ce jeu, alors que je le croyais mort et enterré, je viens de proposer aux amis de tester de jouer la version brouillon (avec Monarch, Rempart et Saule). C'est quand même une drôle de coïncidence.

Ooooh thanks ☺️

C'était trop bien et si satisfaisant

i just got axed hahaha

very nice game, i need to see the other endings

i loved looking for glow-worms ♥ ♥ 

this was awesome

nice nice nice

thx for this very pretty zine !

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yes probably, because the sale is ending March 14th 2023 ;)

(and they said "the Resolution Phase will be published later in 2023, at which point the game will revert to its full price of 6$.")

such a cool game ! i can't wait to try it with my friends haha :)

c'est un jeu si joli, et si agréable et tout doux, merci ♥

Yay ! Thanks for this zine !

a gorgeous zine ✨

Thank you!! ✨💕

they are so cute !

oh, big fan of Oleander 75, i hope she'll have some pretty nice trips

This was such a pretty game and poem 💕


I loved this game/zine/art piece (??!!).

It was a beautiful piece of art, a great way to process some feelings and a pleasure to burn ❤️‍🔥

This was so good. The mechanics are the coolest, I love the setting and ambiance coming from this game.

This is the game I would have loved to write

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This game was really sweet, and pretty, and cute. I loved playing it, it was an awsome experience. Thanks for making it !

yay !! Please do it and be yourself !  ♥

Ok, this game is really really cool. You should try it. I can't wait for the full version :D