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At first, nothing is clear, but over time it becomes clear. However, I still did not understand the block puzzle. Even so it's really interesting idea after passing a challenge to make the player go through it again but in reverse order.

If you add variety to the levels and co-op with gradually increasing difficulty levels, you get a very cool party game. Simple graphics and sounds and simple controls make the game more intuitive.

Very good job for game jam!

Well, good luck then!

10/10 combination of graphics and gameplay! The idea is simple and straightforward, the game feels very polished and perfectly reveals the thematic mechanics. The only thing is that at first it is difficult to use the rewind mechanic, this problem can be easily solved by adding a tutorial. Great job!

Absolutely confusing with controls. The game played in window mode, so part of UI is broken, and i cant deal anything with it (ALT+ENTER also didn't work). Im shure the game would be great if this two things will be fixed

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What drugs did you use to make this game?  (nice)

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11389. I'm a little bored at 10k, but I admit the game is pretty fun. I also have to admit that I was sweating. I love the design of the game so much! I never thought that rotating the hands of a watch could be so interesting. Great job!

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Controls over main charachter are confusing, the tutorial is missing, upgrades make absolutely no sense (no visual or gameplay feedback) and don't feel right. Only one thing is pretty - graphics. The graphics in the game are really great.

I will give advice for the future, it is very important to play your game, play your game at each stage of development. It will be a big plus to let your friends / colleagues play your game and get feedback from them on what needs to be improved. Good luck with your future projects!

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Time rewind looks like it's just control over the platforms, not over time itself. Another thing is weirdo character control and rewind. But I admit that I like the graphics and the tutorial, they are pretty and staightfoward.

Polish up your mechanics and levels and your game will be great!