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Developer here. Thanks for playing! Hope you liked it :D

Sure, I'll help you out. I think this tool has great possibilities. It would be my pleasure to help you as a tester. I'll pass to you the bugs and errors I encounter. I have tried it in windows 8 and 7 but I can try it in other OS's (except 10 because I can configure it right in the virtual box). Hope the tool grows in popularity ;)

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Hi, I've been having some troubles with the tool. My main SO is windows 8.1, when I first started the tool the quick guide worked fine, but since then everytime I start it it shows the windows in white and just doesn't start. I tried using it in windows 7 in a virtual machine. There it starts without problem but the transparency doesn't work. I tried changing the theme but it didn't work either. I've triying everything this pass days, I'm despeared to use this great tool but I don't know what else to do. In the error file that it creates in windows 8 it says that it cannot charge the setting.json and when i try to force close it, it says that njws stopped working. Hope you can help. Please don't stop developing this tool, It has great possibilities.