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Yes, that was it! Thanks :)

I like it a lot! Great job. Thanks

Totally classic! Love the game and the way it can be controlled with 2 pads or joysticks. Thanks :)

This is great! Very fun to play. Looking forward to the full version. Thanks

Simply whow! Thanks

Love it!

Nice conversion! The sample on the right channel that go faster and faster is good but between there is this annoying click. Could you look at that?

Thanks for the update. I have one problem. Could not get the slide, or action button to work? Sinclair joystick, real hardware.

Nice game :) Thanks

Well though out gameplay and very nice gfx, art. The music and sfx is also nice. Very well done :) Thanks

That will not work. I would recommend Kung-Fu flash. The game must be ran from cartridge format. Many C64 games are like that now. I would not sell the Pi1541 though. That one is nice for D64 and other files.

I only completed world 1. There it was no stress. You can hit F1 for Pause.

Yepp :) Read the scrolling text in the level and you will figure it out.

Thanks a lot for this great game. Been waiting a long time for it and it does not disappoint at all :) Made a video playing the game on real C64. Thanks

Dr. Mortal Wombat strikes again with original games :)

Love the Paddle support. Will try this soon. Thanks

Nice game! Tried the game on my real C64 and will for sure continue to play the game. Thanks

I really appreciate your efforts and happy to test and report any bugs I can find. Keep on the great work!

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It was level 3 or 4. One handle did not open the gate. At the same place it is another handle under to the left for it. It worked the first time I played, 2nd time it did not.

Like it! Very nice gfx and music. Seams the game got some bugs but it is beta. It is very smooth and nice to play. Tested on A1200/030

Any time my friend :)

The game do not require 2MB chip. 1MB of chip and 1MB any other RAM will do :) I tried on A500 with 68000@14MHz with 1MB of Chip and 1MB of slow and it runs perfect :)

Perfect conversion. Thanks :D

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Very nice port. We play it now at the C64 game challenge. I learned about Pacman from it. Never though Pacman was this advanced. As I see reported the HiScore save to disk after every game no matter score. Hope this will be fixed.

What a fantastic release! Must be one of the greatest Amiga games ever! Runs perfect on my Amiga 4000/030. Thanks

Very polished, nice game. Love the simple controlls and arcade quality. Thanks!

Ok :) Glad you like it. Hope many will enjoy the game as much as I have.

Nice game. Thanks

I made a video about the game :) I posted on Spectrum, Facebook site.

I got the cassette. Looks fantastic! Thanks :)

Looking forward to that :D

Ok :) I can wait ;)

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Very nice music :) I just completed the game on real ZX 128k with CRT. Bought the digital and the cassette. Love the game :) Hope you will make a sequel.

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Looks original and fantastic. I will for sure support this. Is there any music for the ZX 128K? It is no info about it.

Great :D I'm ready.

Looking sweeeet ;D

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Made a video on real hardware:

This update with 2-player is just as playing the arcade! Simply perfect.

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This game was so good that I felt cheap only to give you 2$. I will give 3$ more. Thanks :)

Very nice :) I enjoy many of the songs.

It is no big deal :)

The game work great. Thanks.