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I'm using Tape :D Slow as hell but still working ;) There is an app. called "PlayZX" that play .tap files. I'm my ZX cassette player I have this fake cassette with mini jack cable (You might remember people used this in their car, cassette player). I insert the cable to headphone out on my mobil phone and Speccy see this as a real cassette :) I'm thinking to buy divmmc or similar solution. 

The game is great :) I will make a video soon so more people will know about this very nice game. The way the bobble behave is very realistic :) On top of fans, on water etc. I play the game on a real Spectrum +2 with CRT. Nice that you support Sinclair joystick. 

Maybe best music and sound fx I heard in a Speccy game so far. The game is also very fun!! I gave you 5$ for this game. Totally worth it. 



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Yes, why not. It is kind of unfair that people that do have joysticks with autofire can use it and others not. Not important but I would prefer to see a menu with something like easy = autofire hard = manual. They could even have different high-score lists. That would make it perfect I think.

As some have joysticks with autofire it is kind of unfair to people that do not have it. It is still a kind of cheat in this game. The fire mechanism is not my fav.. either, but you get used to it. Different weapon fire with slightly different speed. It is kind of realistic though and if you could fire as fast as possible the game could be to easy. Think about how autofire would work if it was like that?   

That is great to hear :) Looking forward to follow it. 

I played the game on my A600 with Furia. Plays very nice. The GFX is stunning! and everything is very smooth. Great work! Looking forward to follow the project as this can be a very good game. 

I just completed in normal. I will try tricky if there is a new enemy :)  What would be cool is to do something similar as Tiny Little Slug on Amiga regarding high-score.

What happen there is that when the game is completed you get a code to type into a web-browser and you get on the high-score list :D  

The game is not that long and there are continue. It is perfect like it is. That is at least my opinion. 

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I bought it today and completed it today ;) It is a beauty. Great gfx, gameplay and music. I hope for a follow up. If there is one thing that could be done is to add option for joysticks with more buttons. Just as the game "Wormhole" has done! Jump, shoot and change character, 3 buttons as C-64 support. 

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Nice one! Hope there will be a sequel. I finished the game in a couple of hours.