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Great :D I'm ready.

Looking sweeeet ;D

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Made a video on real hardware:

This update with 2-player is just as playing the arcade! Simply perfect.

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This game was so good that I felt cheap only to give you 2$. I will give 3$ more. Thanks :)

Very nice :) I enjoy many of the songs.

It is no big deal :)

The game work great. Thanks.

Hi, can you please put the Spectrum .tap file in there? Else I can not play the game on real speccy.

It is Spectrum +2 and loading with divIDE.

Thanks for looking into it.

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Thanks! I got it. To me this is not so intuitive. It would be better when the alternatives came, move joystick up and down and press fire to select the answer. I also though that the letters there where the ones to use on the keyboard but it is the in game keys that work for selecting. When my daughter come to me next time we will play it together. I think it might be a little hard for her, even if the game is quite easy. At least the questions will be fun :) 

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Completed it on my Spectrum 128K and CRT monitor yesterday. I played with Sinclair joystick and it was really hard to select the questions. When I pushed the stick several times up, I could get to select question one and same with question 3. It is some kind of bug there I think. The keys to select questions did not work. The joystick works fine in the game.

Cute game :) Nice gfx, gameplay and music.

I'm blown away by your arcade ports! 

Another perfect conversion. Thanks :)

It is starting be very nice! Tried latest update. It would be cool to make the explosions more like red when killing people. I guess it was that original but got censored.

The game is a lot of fun and the music is fantastic! Thanks.

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Perfect port! Thanks

The game is fun! Nice port.

This is just like playing the arcade. The port is perfect! Thanks.

I like it. Played on my A1200. Well done.

I love it. Great job!

This game is very nice. Music, sfx, gfx, coding, gameplay get top score from me. Thanks.

Very nice. Thanks :)

Aha, thanks :)

This might be the best platform game ever for ZX Spectrum. Very clever though out and big game. Very nice controls and great music. In arcade mode there might be a bug. Going to the place in this picture I do not get the green path to walk on?

The game is original and fun. Music is great. Thanks :)

Must be game of the year for ZX spectrum. Level codes and everything. Thanks :)

The game looks very nice. Music is great. Looking forward to try this on my real Speccy 128k. Thanks

That is a thing of beauty. Fantastic!

Great version. We play this game in the C64 HISCORE challenge this month :)

Nice game with great gfx :) 

I have tried Kobo Deluxe but not the C64 version.

I have to check it out. Thanks :)

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I just named some shmups without and you are very right that some of them are not very good.

Soul Force is probably the best shmup of all time on C64. 

I purchased all games from Sarah. Nautron was the first reason I came back to C64. I think that game is better than Zeta Wing.

If there is no music just put on a CD, mp3 through a mixer. Then at least you have sfx :P

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I can promise you that your comment will not stop me for enjoying the game!

We play this game now in the C64 Hiscore challenge. 

For June we played Starforce. If you select sfx there is no in game music.

In Mai we played "Xerons" No in game music.

2 great games!!


Zybex, Scramble, Bulldog, Parallax, Gladiators, Sanixion, Subterenia, Zaxxon, Delta, Slayer, Uridium, Zynaps, Armalyte

A lot of the games I mention here even got crap sfx. 

Armalyte as many consider the best C64 shmup got nice sfx and with music it could not been that good sfx. I would not change it for music and 1 channel sfx. 

R-type got great music but the sfx is crap. Hard to play that way. I get almost no feeling playing the game. Much better on Amiga but there you got 4-channels. 

Not saying it is impossible with sfx and music.

Sarah Jane have done it great on C64.

Soul Force, Zeta wing comes to mind.

Nice that you buy and enjoy retro games :)

I buy most C64, Spectrum and Amiga games.

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Maybe they got bad speakers. At least on real hardware with good speakers the sfx sound fantastic.

A shmup without sfx is a very bad idea. There are several C64 games where you can choose sfx or music. To play without sfx is to me hopeless in this type of games. 

As you know C64 got 3-channels. It is amazing what people can get out of them but in this game often 2-channels are used for sfx.

It is a designers choice. To me this game is very much in the spirit of classic space shooters. A lot of them had no music. 

I respect your opinion and I'm not saying that music is a bad idea, but the quality of the sfx we do not agree about.

Crappy sound effect!! What the hell.

Some of the best sound effects I heard on C64.

Music is nice but then it would not been this nice sfx.

In C64 hiscore challenge we are in august playing this game.

Please join the fun!! The game we already love a lot. Thanks!

There is nothing to not like about this game!!

Original and well made.

This game is very good! Thanks.

The game is very fun. Looking forward to find a lightgun to use with it. That must be crazy fun :D I have a lot of CRTs so that is not a problem. Thanks.

I'm using Tape :D Slow as hell but still working ;) There is an app. called "PlayZX" that play .tap files. I'm my ZX cassette player I have this fake cassette with mini jack cable (You might remember people used this in their car, cassette player). I insert the cable to headphone out on my mobil phone and Speccy see this as a real cassette :) I'm thinking to buy divmmc or similar solution.