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It's awesome, but my wrist hurts now. WASD wasn't made for this.

Thank you for the kind words! ^.^

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Amazing game! I do have a suggestion though.

Can you increase the maximum number of saved games? I feel like 3 is too limiting, and it isn't stated anywhere that 3 is the limit, so I lost one of my best runs because of this. I like to keep saves at floor 9, so I can continue in endless with any build if I feel like it.

Also, the "continue" menu screen can be revamped to allow for more saves without as much scrolling - there is currently too much wasted space. I think a 3x2 grid will look and feel much better - each tile in the grid would have a thumbnail (of the inventory), character and game mode above, floor and level below. Scrollbar on the side if there are more than 6 saves.

Maybe have a "maximum number of saves" slider in the settings, or just have it at infinite. People can just manually delete the saves they don't need or use the "delete save on death" option for a more roguelike experience.

Amazing little game!

Please make a version for android, it's gonna feel so natural with swipe gestures and it's a perfect game for passing time.

Woah, the game has come so far since this version. Makes you truly appreciate all the work put into it.

Hey everyone!

I'm new to the site and decided to release my first sprite pack. I'm an artist and graphics designer with a love for pixel art and have been working on this pack on-and-off for the past year or so (not full time, obviously :D)

You can check it out here:

It includes 64 high quality 32x32 fruit and vegetable spirtes, along with 24 variants and recolors. I'm also open to requests and suggestions for additions to the pack, be it new items or recolors/redesigns of the current ones. I decided to price it at 3.50$ (three 'fiddy), because I wanted to earn something from all the time and work I spent on this pack, while still keeping it reasonably affordable for indie developers and hobbyists.

I also released a demo here:

The demo includes 26 of the more common fruits and vegetables from the full pack, and is completely free! (Not for commercial purposes though, freebie games and jams are fine). If you'd like a taste before buying, then this is for you. All amounts paid above the default price are also highly appreciated and will result in my love and gratitude <3

I'm planning to make additional packs in the same art style (and with the same palette) including produce (animal products, foods and items like eggs, wool, leather, meat, cloth etc), adventuring gear (tools, weapons, backpacks, lanterns etc) and others.

Let me know what you think. Hope you have a healthy diet and an awesome day!