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thanks! sadly i left the team working on Iron Hammer a while ago but you can look up their website or discord server to check their news. considering it's an unpaid/revshare project, development is a bit slow but i hope everything is going well for them

You can use them however you want, no restrictions. Mentioning me in your work would be nice but you're not forced to do it.

Hi, thanks for the feedback, sadly this model hasnt been sold yet so it's sitting at 0€ x) tbh i dont mind too much about the income these make, they're made for training and adding stuff to my portfolio in the first place. somehow most of the income i got so far came from donations on free assets lol

Sounds pretty cool! i m not too interesting in selling it so far but having a print of it would be cool.  I do have more 3d models here if you're interested:

to contact me here is my email:  or if you have a discord here s my profile link: Niko#8318 

yeah, no problems. That'd be really cool! no need to send me the file tho, i never really printed my models since i dont have a printer.

:/ I dont really understand the problem. In the .fbx file the pieces should all be under separate objects so once it's imported you can choose to delete/duplicate the ones you want. Maybe the issue is coming from the game engine you're using.

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Hi, my name is Guillaume!

I do 3d art and specialise myself in hard surface modelling (guns, props, vehicles and environments).

Here is my portfolio where i post most of my work:

I can do pretty much any type of 3d models for your projects in a short time, i worked on game engines before such as Unity and Unreal Engine with other devs so i know how to make those models game ready and how to import them in your game!

I'm open for commissions but also for potential contracts.

Here are a few links to get in contact with me:

Discord: Niko#8318


Thanks! yeah, no problems on that side, there are no liscences or other stuff to pay for.

hi thanks for the comment but i m not sure if i'll be able to  build the game for macs, so far it looks like i'll need to own a mac or to install an IOS on my laptop to build the game so it might take a while :/ 

hi, thanks for the comment :p
 for licensing right now these assets are 100% free to use for anything you want, no need to do anything special (would be really cool if you mentioned my account somewhere on your project tho, but no one is forced to do that)

thanks for pointing it out! the normals should be fixed now. i dont think i knew what normals where back when the map was made x) it s getting a bit old.

yeah the map is pretty old on that side i m sorry, for the previews i just applied some basic metallic material with no texture for the walls and an emissive material for the light rays. since this map is one of the most popular things i made so far i might try and upgrade it soon with cool textures :p 

thanks! Dont worry, i dont have any issues with people using these assets for games, even if the game will be sold/make profit i wont ask for anything i ll just be really thankfull :p hope your project turns out great!

yeah, you can use them for whatever you want (it would be nice tho if you mentioned my name somewhere but you re not forced to do so)