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haha thx, we'll consider it!

It just popped up! :>

Thx :)

There's no killing, they are sleeping. It's tiresome to get by a door you know!

Ssshhh! :<

Thank you! ^^

Currently we have no way of testing if things work on mac, unfortunately. :/

Will notify you if we consider putting it on mac OS!

Wohoo! Thanks for the encouraging words!

We just threw the text into the room last minute so yeah haha!

Thank you (:

*blush* <3!!

We're glad you liked it! :D

Feels like the movement is not multiplied with Time.deltaTime, the player is way to fast for me to play. 

Nope, works fine.

You need to download both files and put them in the same folder. The developer didn't zip the files together.

I really like the concept, in my opinion it gets repetitive to switch between walking and seeing all the time. Should be great with shortcuts for the different senses! :)

I really like it, the first game I've actually placed several times. Still don't know how to stop the acid... :D

I like it, would be great to see other timings/enemies to mix it up a little. :)

Great job!

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I don't get it, I can't make it past the first "puzzle" :'(

Thank you for the kinds words!

Why couldn't you force pull? You can't kick and pull simultaneously btw, you need to Pull -> Release -> Kick

Super dope!

Fun to see the prototype is still being played haha!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Cool solution!

We have not fixed any of the issues from the gamejam so yeah he will run in place hehe.

On PC you use the "Ctrl"/Mouseclick to interact and ring the bike's bell!

Added a Mac version, it's untested as we dont own a Mac! Tell me if it works :)

The horror tag was a bit of a joke during the jam, forgot about it. Thanks for the great video, entertaining to watch you do everything that breaks our poor game <3

It is copyright flagged but if you read up on it on youtube says "You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video." :)

hahah  :)

The population inside a game jam world isn't that high <3

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We're super happy that it made you smile! Thank you very, very much for the kind words. <3

Thanks the suggestions are great, will try it out and see if it works! We definitely need to add score limit and such, right now we are focusing on bugs like the controller and a black screen situation.  Are you in our discord channel, would be fun to have you onboard with suggestions + features :P

Watched the video, dont understand much but both are smiling and screaming so that's good! :D

Alright :)

Happy hear that you're enjoying our game. The mechanics takes some time to get use to, and that's the point! :)

You mention improvments, mind telling us what more specifically? :)

<3 !

Thanks for the kind words, we really enjoyed the video!

We had some ideas of adding different parts just like you're saying, so players can add their own flavor to the bots :)

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  • Strange that Xbox One wont work, will check asap!
  • Keyboard support comes in the next update, very very soon!

Looks great :)

Working on it now! 

Alright, we're adding keyboard support!