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Awesomeee :D I like when I get to level 2 and the opponent gets more intense. Maybe you could add more proceduralness?  That could be interesting.  Or maybe a level with two opponents at once on the other side that team up!

Neat! Would be cool to make some t-shirts out of this haha. :D Have you considered maybe automating some animations of the sliders to create simple gifs or such?

This is pretty nice and I don't think I've seen something like it before. Could be neat to arrange them into a flowerpot or something.

Cool music generator. Maybe you could pipe it through some VSTs and see what would happen? I feel like some of them are beggning for an intereseting beat underneath too. :D

This is pretty awesome. Reminds me of Lego days. Totally love the drones flying around. Man I would so play a game with these as levels. Have you considered maybe making some sort of puzzle game out of the levels?

Pretty nice island generator. Really digging the look. Would actually be awesome to explore these islands from a first-person perspective! Have you thought about what it would go like if you did something like volcanoes or such? :O

Very very nice visuals and sound. I like the dynamic light attached to the bullet. Great game. Would love an expanded version of this. Where do you think you spent most of your time during development?

This is really cute. Could be fun to have little spaceships and drive them around! Did you end up just using the canvas API for drawing?

This is pretty well done. Could do w/ some simple FX over it like clouds or such. I really like this game, things feel smooth. What do you think was the part you got stuck on the most while developing?

What's there so far is really well done! What engine are you using / did you roll your own? I really like how serene everything feels.

Awesome concept. Could do with more interesting procedural generation of the world. The photo thing really makes you wanna explore more and find good things. How did you come up with this concept?

I really dig this. I like the scaling cubes effect. Could use some blurry fx (bloom or such) to make up for some visual glitches but also maybe not and that's actually sorta cool. How did you feel about using Unreal Engine in a jam (fast dev cycle)?

Interesting concept. It was initially unclear exactly how the music you generate with the weapon and the gameplay relate (do they?). Could be awesome to develop some more in-depth levels. Good amount of work for the jam period! Have you tried exploring the 'music as weapon' concept in a game before? There's an interesting book:

Looks pretty nice. The diamond quad effect was weird and I initially thought it was a bug. The visual aesthetic is cool and I'd be pretty into it if there was more stuff in the game. How did you get the concept for the visuals?