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Thanks, that's a great sleight of hand. Most of my players are level 4 and the sleights of hand combos are getting really interesting and tailored to each character.

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Quick question about the Eagle Eyes sleight of hand. As Dealer and players both normally draw and reveal their hands what is the advantage of this ability. We think it might be that the Dealer reveals his draw before the character wagers, but we're not really sure. Still having an absolute blast with the game. Thanks in advance for your help.

Sounds fun. We're definitely at the Unforgiven end of the spectrum. Currently exploring the issues between the oil prospectors and Native Americans.

Finally started a mini campaign. Party are freelance troubleshooters operating out of Lincoln City but roaming across the territory. Currently investigating gold bullion robberies. My players and I love this game. The card resolution system is both dynamic and creates tense action. Get this game.

If you're in the UK, several retailers still have it in stock. I got the best price from Dungeon land.

So, a couple of weeks ago, the Bookcase family embarked on an epic quest to recover Playmobil hats from the Play Room! This game is delightful. It created a fabulous shared narrative gaming experience. So joyous and wholesome. Thoroughly recommend.

Hi, thanks for the reply. As someone who struggles with reading PDFs, it'd be great to have a print edition. I really encourage you to go down the print route from an accessibility to all route. And it looks like a truly great game

Any chance we'll see a print or POD version?

The package has arrived. Nice surprise when I opened it. Your generosity has given me a great start to the day. Can't wait to get a posse together and hit the trail.

Excitedly looking forward to it arriving. I love to support independent gaming and some of the best games I've run/played in recent years have been zines.

Snagged a physical copy. Even with the craziness of international shipping to get it here to the UK, I am delighted. This is a truly great game.

Hey that's great news.  I'll keep an eye on the page. Thanks for the reply.

Hi. Grabbed a community copy and got to say I love it, I'm a sucker for westerns. Will there be physical copies of the finished book available for non backers as I'd love to own a copy but don't have the funds to back right now. Thanks.

So, I ran Nova for my second RPG group. They to loved it. Having some players who love tactical options in RPG combat it was reassuring to see just how impressed they were at the depth of tactical play alongside such fast and accessable rules. The highlight, however, was the player whose Voyager pilot was an uplifted dog. They ran with the idea that, like our space program, early testing was done using animals. The truly great bit was though they had human intelligence, their instincts and behaviour was that of a dog. Some of the best roleplaying I've seen in ages.

Brilliant, thanks for the clarification. One of my players was so inspired she's going to run it. First time I'll actually play a Gila RPG, I run them a lot. Thanks for some great gaming!

So post game assessment has brought up a rules question. The character sheet seems to indicate that 5 is the maximum health or fuel you programme your mech with at the start, obviously persistant mods could alter this, is this correct?

Ran my first session tonight. Only one of the players was a battlesuit, mecha, anime aficionado, so I was very curious to see the response I got. They loved it. The whole narrative creation process of the pilots, sunwell, factions etc really drew them in. What can I say about the combat: fast, fun, full of flavour, synergistic, it flowed fantastically and everyone really engaged with it. The core design principles of Lumen are great and this game highlights them spectacularly.

I've been gaming for nearly 40 years and I've seen and played a lot, too many🤔, of games. It's rare when something surprises me with it's originally but Wildsea certainly qualifies. This game combines a unique setting with narrative focused mechanics, fans of Forged in the Dark games will take to this system like ducks to water while still having unique mechanics to realise their stories . Highly recommended, though the colonies of sentient spiders as PCs is not good for my arachnophobia 😰

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Hi Felix, this game was recommended to me by Rob, Leigh of Isolation Games during a playtest. I nabbed a physical copy but wondered if, like Fezmic, I could appeal to your good nature for a pdf copy. Either way thanks for a great game.

So, I ran the Lord of the (Un)Dead for two of my gaming groups this week. So GM friendly and the synergies between the classes creates a dynamic flow to combat my players loved. Having run a lot of Drifters you can really see it's influence on this iteration of the system, and that's great. Another great game Spencer.

Having read the reviews above I'm now hoping even more for a print release 😁

I'm a big fan of the occult gunslinger genre, High Plains Drifter is my favourie Eastwood western, I love Spencer Campbell's Drifters and I'm just delving into We Deal In Lead. Please tell me your thinking of a print run or a POD option on Drivethru as I love physical books, it's the feel, and this game looks truely awesome.

Tonight was session three of Drifters. The characters had two or three advances each. This really highlighted two things. Firstly, background abilities really drive the narrative along in a really positive way. Secondly, advancing characters really allows the emphasis on the Drifters as supernatural beings to mechanically match the strong narrative flavour. Also, The Con re-skined as a Preacher works really well, even with the issue of creating a non real world religion, it's not historical Earth folks. Now they want to try out Slayers 1.5, my work is never done😁

Ran my second game. Had two players from the first game and two new ones. Once again a great time was had by all. What stood out most was having two of the same gun, the rifle, actually increased the options and combinations rather than creating overlap. Really great design. Now I've got to create another rift as my players want a game next week. See what you've started Spencer 😁

Will the Deadeye be getting any tweaks to bring it into line with the 1.5 rules changes?

Brilliant news, for me if not my credit card😆.

Any plans for another print run? as I'd love a physical copy of this supplement.

Managed to snag myself a physical copy, international shipping be damned. Bad people, birds?!, doing bad things to worse people, I cannot tell you how well that plays to my gaming group. The stripped down Resistance system is really nice, I'm a big fan of both Spire and Heart. Will drop some more thoughts when I've got some actual play to discuss.

Brilliant, thanks. Now off to write my next Drift 🙂

Quick rules question for you. How does Advantage/Disadvantage interact with the Shotgun?

Ran my first game of Drifters tonight. Firstly, as a GM it was super friendly to run. My players loved the setting and the aesthetic. But the outstanding feature really was the asymmetric combat, every player commented on how it made such a difference to their experience of combat. What was really enlightening was how the guns synergised and built cooperative and varied tactical options. This game looks great from a read but surpassed my expectations in play. Thanks for a great gaming experience Spencer

Picked up the PDFs of this game and Slayers and a print copy of Drifters. Very impressed. Rules are light but with tactical depth, the weird west setting is very much its own thing and very stylish. Narrative driven, which I love, and plenty of room for shared world building. It was pricey to import to UK but worth every penny. Looking forward to getting Slayers in print ( hint hint Spencer)