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You played the Cups challenges correctly — sorry if the instructions were a little unclear, but they're the only challenges where you bypass Follies/Wisdom/True Magic!

Typically you only take two wisdom cards for the "absent next time" follies.  No worries if you took more, it definitely tweaks the difficulty curve a little bit, but ultimately it sounds like y'all had a good time! Thank you for sharing! <3

I got to playtest The Flower Court, and wow! It's a secret objective game, a little like werewolf, except the werewolves are all cyberpunk aristocrats flirting murderously with you.

(More games should involve a mailbox mechanic; it's very fun.)

Jay is a game design luminary who expertly layers emotional insight, real occult ritual, human nature, dreamy mythology, and traumatic existential horror into a play experience that somehow manages to be both more ethereal and more tactical than any other tabletop game out there.

It's also, y'know, literally haunted by its own monster, so there's that, too.

Unlike most indie story games, this is a chonky book with a lot to digest, with a gorgeous, easy-to-read layout, and evocative art that matches the lonely, tortured tone of the game. It's easy enough to jump into for a one shot without much prep other than gathering materials, but I think it really shines in the format of a short campaign of 1-3 sessions.

Games I thought I recognized, until they bared their fangs.

"The words that persist are those that will make it straighter rectilinear, not all crooked and porous."

This is a very cool backdrop for an essay and I love the slightly purple prose! With the short staccato of bitsy dialogs, it definitely feels like something an agora philosopher is shouting at you, which is *chef's kiss*. The music and aesthetic are also just great.

Thank you! I am not a person who really knows anything about poetry, so I was pretty embarrassed to post this and it's nice to hear positive feedback. <3

This game is amazing! It has a fascinating mechanical depth to it that reminds me of the Golden Sun series-- equipment and mid-battle buffs change your characters' abilities on a fundamental level-- and different enemy types really do force you to learn new approaches, since they themselves have very different strategies and you can't just power level past them. The art's simplicity is also deceptive, it's all extremely well-meshed and there's a lot more detail than you can see at first.

I'm not far enough in the story to give any opinion on the writing, which has so far been rather bare-bones and out of the way, but I hadn't seen any positive comments  yet so I wanted to be sure to share. It's already the best thing I've seen to come out of RPG Maker.

Thank you! I finished the game this afternoon, and I'm not sure I've ever played anything that hit closer to home.

This game is punching me right in my father-fearing egg memories, but I think I accidentally missed some stuff on Day 1, and I want to restart, but can't figure out how. (I even deleted the entire game directory and reinstalled, but I'm still on Thursday.) Where are the save files located? (Windows user.)