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So I finished the game and really loved the experience. However, I still have the feeling there is something I am missing. So after Defeating The Nightmare there are still some doors and rooms not unlocked. Is there something I am really missing or can just anyone confirm this is the true end.

Ludum Dare

Hope you like it

Hope you like it

My first jam. Hope you like it

And yes big project is coming up with similar theme ;)

Glad I made you annoyed lol. good luck anyway :)

There are 3 endings in total. 3rd is hardest one to achieve. good luck!

The idea is really cool but the controls could be more flexible

The game was cool, nice retro-like style game

Very nice game! Music was really nice, good job!

Thanks for positive feedback <3 I will try your game too

Thanks for playing <3 I will try your's as well

comment your games and I will play them

You can check mine here: