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First, thank you for making this and making it available.

We were able to connect easily, but ran into a few problems during gameplay.

The host made water purifier, cooker, etc that I was able to use. Was still able to use them after I died. We were able to exchange items without issue, even crafted items. However, and I believe this happened after I died, I was unable to see anything else he built or placed. He was building up the raft (we were in the same physical location, so I could look at his screen), and it was not showing up on mine. He was making new items, such as the tree planter and lanterns, that I could not see, though if he made nets, I could see and access them.

We thought if maybe I exited and got back in that it may correct. I was able to exit and log back into his game easily, but still could not see or access anything beyond the same items above.

We both decided to exit. He saved the game and we both exited. He was unable to re-load the game in multiplayer, though he could bring it up in single player. He went in to look for the save file to see if that would need to be placed elsewhere to access, and could not find it.

I'm not sure if these are current bugs in the mod or if we may have done something wrong on our end, as I haven't seem this problem listed elsewhere.

Any clarification/instruction would be greatly appreciated. We hope to play again this evening if we can get everything to work properly. Without being able to see his raft build, gameplay is rather hard.


I've just started playing, and these are my suggestions as a new player.

Having the controls listed in readme is great, but a tutorial or more onscreen assistance would be beneficial. I have died each time while trying to figure out what I am supposed to do next. I'm sure it isn't that hard to figure out, but as has been the case with games int he past, many people will tend to lose interest early on and downrate a game. In addition to the tutorial, something of a backstory is also a nicety, but not necessarily needed.

Like many others, I would love a co-op or multiplayer, but understand the need to perfect the base game first. I look forward to multi eventually (outside of mod), but look forward more to the development of the game at hand first.

So far I like the idea. Just need to get the idea of what to do without having to watch youtube videos.