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Yep! It's very similar to D&D! You would play this game with a group of friends and make characters and tell a story together using the rules in the PDF.

I love it! Tepus Diducit characters were my fave and now there's more! I like how the Revent uses the skill dice mechanic in a new way. And I learned a new word - blathysphere.

Super unique hack of 24XX!

I love how in the other 24XX games, a knife is the example of a microtransaction, not important item. But here in 2400 BC, a knife is an important item. It's the smartphone of the game!

The storytelling that happens in the character generation is super unique too, love it.

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I was telling a friend about the jam yesterday, and he asked if there was a Christmas themed game. I was like no that would have been a good idea. And now today here it is! 

The heinous plots really remind me of the show Codename Kids Next Door.  Super cute hack!

This is awesome! There's so many fun bits to it. I wanna see the body swap scenario play out.

This might be by favorite submission. I'm getting memories of my time in food service. My favorite quest is "Forgot what condiment, customer AWOL". 

I cried, which is rare. Thank you.