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thanks for this game it was great!

Thanks for this new game i was looking for it for a while!

Wonderfull game i love it :-)

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really difficult game you made my day! 🤣

Very cute game i want more ! :)

Thank you for this good game :-)

A really, really good and beautiful game ! Thanks for it!

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very good game, not so simple ;)

for me the clock says 11:40 but not 12:40 for the code. the hour hand clock is on 11 and not yet on 12!

can't wait for the next one :)

great weird little game i want more! :)

I had a great time with this relaxing and simple game. The graphics are sublime.

So cute and fun to play :)

Thanks for this game! The last puzzle was not easy but i made it ;)

good game i love it :)

Thanks for this little game. No problem for loading it :-)

i'm always looking for the last achievement ;)

Merci. On en veut encore !!!!!

A very good game, i made it ;)

Very good game i love it thanks !

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Great game !

It's make me thinking about Rusty Lake games. ;)

i love your games  and can't wait for the next one !

maybe.... Pam's Attic?   ;)

Very good game!  It just lacks a save function.... Maybe for the 3rd episode?   :-)

good game thanks !  have a bug with Firefox i can't input de password correctly.