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Simple and I got a good laugh

Man, that's so so strange. Thanks for your help; I did fiddle with the low processor mode but it didn't change anything. Just super odd. I have 4 cores, 32 GB of ram, and GPU ofc should be okay. 

I'll try a few more times, thank you so much for the quick response. I figured it should work which is why there was no need for requirements. Sigh.  I'll keep trying but yeah, eventual and possible refund, I'm really curious if anyone else is dealing with this on mac OS

Wow, Lightning fast reply. Thanks so much man.

I have to admit I am a MASSIVE noob and I dont really touch code at all, so that's why I was looking into this. 

  • I tried to swap the butler terminal app with one that downloaded manually, nothing really changed
  • My noobyness is showing.. I can't seem to understand what you mean by setting that environment variable. I did generate a new key, but I have no clue how to link it to gui butler, or normal butler for that matter!

When I try to run butler's executable, it just runs and then exits, and I cant input anything.

Then I go to normal terminal and try to use any of the commands, they just.. don't work. "login" just says 'login' with no prompt for my auth key or name, and none of the other commands work either. Super weird, I've installed similar stuff using terminal before, I can't get any version of butler to work for some reason, tried using $butler and all of the other commands, am I doing something wrong? augh 

Also here's how gui butler launches, I try to click refresh and had reboot and the login window flashes for a milasecond and just goes back to this: 

I kept the GUI Butler terminal window open, here's the full message:  error occured in handler for butler, bailing out . No credentials and stdin is not a terminal - terminating 

I also poked around and found that there's supposed to be a file with a command line that is supposed to have my auth key in it?? I think?? which I would modify -- If I could find it. I dont see it in any of the folders 

I'll get out of your hair after this,  I was just shocked someone had the exact issue, and I didn't quite understand the solution given, THANK YOU for your help and explanation, I'm sorry I dont get it T_T 

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Hi there,
I HATE saying this, but I bought this software ages ago and despite all efforts, I can't get the application to boot past the main 'editing' stage of the program. 

IE: I can see the project screen on boot, the open a file dialogue, and I try to load an image, even the tiniest image of around 50 x 50 px, my CPU overclocks + 100% then locks and the app freezes. 

Closest I got to seeing the actual stage/editor was trying to open a sprite sheet. The file itself was around 17 KB, and still, it froze.

I looked everywhere, but what are the actual system requirements for this program? You mentioned some GPUS won't play nice with it. I actually am using an EGPU and I had to use Opencore on my mac to get to Monterray 12.6-- the egpu is a RTX 6800 XT (Thunderbolt eGPU connection) 

IDK if that's relevant info, but that's what I got going on! 

I also have the app to prefer GPU over CPU.  However, it seems to ignore this setting and just overclock my CPU.

I'm not really asking for help... I think the app just won't work for me :( Was just curious what type of specs I should look into to possibly run the app on a Virtual machine though. 

I also use a virtual machine (Crossover) for a few apps that have issues like this, so lmk. Maybe that can be a workaround for me? Super bummed, I really wanted to try this out, it looks amazing. 

Hi guys, Im going thru the thread here because I'm having the exact same problem on the exact same system... I'm too dumb to understand how it was fixed though, can anyone here help me?
Thanks so much!! 

Extremely late comment but I didn't finish my entry and was going thru some of the other entries, I absolutely and blown away from this one.  The power of simple (to extremely aggressive!) AI game mechanics lol. You had me cursing at my screen the whole time, brilliant

Played it, loved it, and glad to see more Wix games in the wild

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Sir, madame, whoever you are, no disrespect, but you are actially comparing a 45 page booklet to a youtube video in a different engine. It's not even remotely the same thing, and they're not even the same TYPE of tutorial.  LUA is the only thing that connects both, and that their tuts are focused a lot more on visuals and more typical 'gamemaking' logic, not the absolute basics. 

Again, try not to take another person's comment personally; I just genuinely think it's disrespectful to comment something like this on their page.  You commented publicly to be seen by others, correct? 

As someone who has tabled irl at print shows and comic and book fairs for a literal decade, I've paid 15 dollars for way less 'content'.  I respect what people price their own material as, and I don't leave comments directly on their pages referencing another person's tutorial series.  
It's just genuinely nonsensical and an unreasonable 'critique', in my opinion, NOTE; OPINION.  If you can't handle with that being my opinion, then that's okay, continue to do you.   

My sentiment still stands.  Buying someone's PDF and then commenting someone else's video series 'is better' is rude and strange. Squid god has a ton of tutorials of his own.  

I also don't believe that in ANY universe 15 bucks is 'too much' for someone laying out the basics of a whole scripting language for beginners.  I literally used it yesterday to get me through some concepts. I'm a beginner, the book works and is helpful. 15 bucks totally well spent. 

So it didn't work for YOU. You'd rather watch a video. That's your own personal issue. He didn't say he was going to teach you how to create an entire game, it literally says LUA concepts for beginners. 

All I will say. Good day! Your comment was just the first thing I saw on his page when I went to download the pdf, I just thought it was uncalled for.  You needed some pushback on your opinion IMO. 
edits: spelling mistakes lol. tired

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What a strange comment. I bought his book because I wanted to learn LUA for use in Playdate apps and visual novel adjacent stuff.   You refer Pico 8 and a totally different person's series that's actually unrelated.. 
EDIT: I checked out the PDF and the series you mentioned. I think what you meant to say is that the series you're referencing is a LOT more visual.  Squidgod's guide is a handy guide to the actual logic and usage of LUA conditions and such

Thanks for the suggestion, but fr, it's a bit rude to say it's overpriced

Thanks for the reply , yeah I'm aware! 

It's in the game folder though, so I'm unsure as to why it cant be found.  I'm thinking maybe somewhere along the chain the pc-mac filepath conversion something's messed up. And yea, I opened this in MScode. For some reason I cannot open this in the debug console though. 

FILEPATH ON MY COMPUTER (My RENPY folder is where all my games are living basically):
/Users/imac/Desktop/GAMEDEV/RENPY/LayeredImage Tutorial/game/options.rpy

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Hey there, I tried your fix and Kaydee's fix but for some reason it still won't work for me. I'm on OS Big sur 11.5.2, I work in old af OS but would this cause an issue? Is the python struggling cuz my OS is old? 

Heres my error mssg, I'm also a newbie to Renpy so be gentle lol

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 556, in script

    init python hide:

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 556, in script

    init python hide:

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 556, in <module>

    init python hide:

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 577, in _execute_python_hide

    f = renpy.open_file(fn)

OSError: Couldn't find file 'Users/imac/Desktop/GAMEDEV/RENPY/LayeredImage Tutorial/game/options.rpy'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "/Applications/renpy-8.0.3-sdk/renpy/", line 277, in bootstrap


  File "/Applications/renpy-8.0.3-sdk/renpy/", line 558, in main

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 556, in script

    init python hide:

  File "/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python3.9/site-packages/future/utils/", line 441, in raise_

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 556, in script

    init python hide:

  File "/Applications/renpy-8.0.3-sdk/renpy/", line 1131, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,

  File "/Applications/renpy-8.0.3-sdk/renpy/", line 1061, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 556, in <module>

    init python hide:

  File "game/example_code.rpy", line 577, in _execute_python_hide

    f = renpy.open_file(fn)

  File "/Applications/renpy-8.0.3-sdk/renpy/", line 2462, in open_file

    rv = renpy.loader.load(fn)

  File "/Applications/renpy-8.0.3-sdk/renpy/", line 820, in load

    raise IOError("Couldn't find file '%s'." % name)

OSError: Couldn't find file 'Users/imac/Desktop/GAMEDEV/RENPY/LayeredImage Tutorial/game/options.rpy'.

macOS-10.16-x86_64-i386-64bit x86_64


LayeredImage Tutorial 1.0

Wed Apr 26 16:57:21 2023

same, I gotta know. I had an extremely good time making this! We need more ideation jams for sure

obsessed with this. The art is fire

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I thought I was burnt out on Backrooms style games and lore, and then you post this; just a brilliant merger of concepts here. Weirdly enough, it captures that exact creepy vibe those DOS “maze / doom / edutainment” games would always give me back in the day. Stunning art, colors, and Ideas here! I would kill to play this! 

IMMEDIATELY was drawn to the thumbnail for this, only to be blown away by everything else. Just SO MANY cool ideas, I've never even thought of a 'lost object' metroidvania game. Brilliant stuff and so creative!

Thanks for the awesome feedback!! So nervous uploading stuff on here, really new to making anything 'game-like' lol

Thank you for the kind words! I used after effects with illustrations I made in procreate to make the effect.  The effects used were Pixellate it and Wunkalo Pixdither, both excellent in getting pixel-perfect art from regular raster-drawings! I'm glad you dig it! 

thanks so much 💖

mega appreciate the kind words!  

Absolutely love these graphics omg. So cool. The concept looks fun and addicting too, roguelite powerpuff girls. Fantastic!!

thanks so much 💖👽

What an insanely polished and inspiring concept. I LOVED looking through this and the page is gorgeous and so well explained. Man, I cant describe how much I love this submission, so cool! Congrats

So damn cute, love it 

I need this to be real 

Awesome art and fun concept!

one more vibri to the pile 

doodled a queen

OF COURSE and thanks so much for your reply. Your script is awesome and approachable even for beginners and I hope my suggestion wasnt rude!!! I just spent way too long trying to figure it out (which is ON ME). 

You're awesome and this script is literally everythinggggg. Thanks so much 

(4 edits)

I'm really new to this code language, and I've checked the files but get a bit overwhelmed looking for what you've changed. I saw the devlog changes but since I'm so ADHD I was struggling to get a definite picture of all of the new tag names you made.

Do you think you could do a write up on the itch page with what the tags are specifically? Ie "rotat" "sc", etc? 

I know it's in the script itself, but it has a lot of comments and redactions it's mildly confusing for absolute beginners.  It was only after going crazy that I realized your code mentioned you had discontinued some effects and tags. (AND I can see why! You streamlined so much, thank youu)

I LOVE this script, it would just be cool if all the tags you added were in a single doc with JUST the tags, and a tutorial on how to install it (I eventually figured it out, but I wasnt the only one confused on how to do it properly).  AGAIN that's 900% on me. But even though I got some tags to work, I was still confused as to why glitch, rotate, and some other animations were in different files, and how I would properly install those again without messing up my game.  (FYI Im working on a Mac)

I was following along with this video, and you'll probs notice you cant use some of these tags with your current version! 

AMAZING art and transitions!!!!

remove your disgusting profile from this website then 

I love how quickly the 'stream' 'responds' to inputs. so damn good wtf