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This game feels so good. Level design, art, sound, and movement are all point! I loved finding all the little hidey holes <3

This was awesome! It’s interesting trying to predict how the player will respond and strategize accordingly. Also that start screen looks sick and it’s crazy y’all have an entire tutorial!

This was really fun! Simple, but satisfying and well executed :)

I think another type of obstacle or two could take this up a notch too

I got 12503 on my run. You beat me!

I ship Kim J and the U.S.

That was such an interesting premise! It’s rare to see narrative games in jams, and I liked the way you integrated it with the theme.

Although I liked the terminal like interface, it felt like the vac command should have just been binded to a key. You have movement bind to the keys, so it feels a tad inconsistent.

I also think the readability of the notes could be improved. The text wrapping mid-word made it a little hard to read in places. Also spacing between paragraphs could help a bit too.

I love the music and sprites! There were some sprites that looked a bit blurry, so you might want to use a higher resolution for those images or if you were trying to doing pixel art, set the filter to point.

It has potential as a racing game, but it was just too dark. I think its needs higher skybox lighting so the player can see where they’re going or at the least more lights around the map.

Awesome sprites and music y’all! I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get specific parts from the junk. I was only able to get the trash pile and head extracted. Not sure if its a bug or I just couldn’t figure it out.

Great Job! Definitely a little hard, maybe increasing the amount of shells you can hold would help.

Nice sprite work too :)

HAHAHAHAA low key terrifying when you get caught and ripped out of the trash can.

Great job y’all. You guys polished everything really well.

Great job y’all! Toast physics is best physics.

Bangin’ sound track, but I felt the leaf blower sfx was a little out of place. I don’t think pausing the sound track is necessary, maybe just lowering the volume?

It looks like you forgot to include the rest of the build files in the zip :(

Love the juice! Great feedback with camera shake and vfx.

Also really awesome level design. I was a little worried at first it would be too easy, but you came up with some great ides to make it challenging!

Super clean start menu too!

A good classic survive-as-long-as-possible game. Love it. I was able to ge3t it working without the

I think a little bit sfx could go a long way and color coding projectiles/enemies could help the player. Like when the red, ranged enemies started spawning, I thought the burning shot would be able to hurt them.

Otherwise, great job!

I didn't find any bugs playing through (I won :)), really great pastel aesthetic. I could just imagine the rage a local-multiplayer version of this game could cause.

Balancing could use a little more work. Playing through, I was able to constantly push down the enemies so they could never touch me or flip the dice, so I was able to win by touching the dice maybe once or twice. I think if this became local multiplayer that would be minimized. Otherwise playing with how long you are stuck on the ground or lengthening the cooldown of the push could cause more toss ups with the dice.