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Textreme 2 community · Created a new topic Copy

Hi, i would love to have this little thing, but i have a question, if i buy it on steam, can i get a itch key to redeem it here too? or do i have to pay twice?

hi, i wanted to test this app cause it looks so cool, but i dont have any way to pay for online things :( i was hoping if i could have a copy, if it isn't bothering.

but i dont have pico8 :( that is why i was asking for a downloable version, sorry for bothering

this is awesome, is there any possibility to have an exe version?

why the JP version is 0 bytes?

omg ty a lot for this, and for making the two ovas too

this is cool, is this an abandoned project sadly?

but all carts are .p8.png, and not recognized :(

will there be more games? it would be awesome, the emulator runs pretty well, but when i press F11 it doesn't show good

how can i use the --no--fullscreen command? i dont know how to use a console

(1 edit)

this is great, could you make the other episodes of this anime too? i would love to have them all on my emulator

oh i see, lovely tho, i would like to see more games from you in the future

maybe it doesn't work for some reason, but when i click in the folder icon i cant click the options, it only lets close the folder

will it be updated to have mouse support

home 1nd or 2nd should i download?

it works perfectly! thank you a lot

yea, maybe arrows for mario and WS for lugii? cause i often confuse the shift with the control sorry

i loved the game, just a question, would it be possible to make the game be played with the arrows?

this seems very cool, but why is it a prototype? it feels very full for me

i am using it to learn lua, and it is a fantastic tool, it even has a command terminal, which in atom i cant use, so i would love to see more updates on this, or at least if IO inputs would be possible to use

question above, cause it is a very good tool, i would love to see more from this

amazing game, would it be possible to have an exe file?

this is just awesome, i loved it, any way of having a downloable version? like an exe? or even the p8 file

any chanceof a possibly limited sale? i want to play it but can't buy it, or at least a web version

hi, i am using windows 10, and it says the same to me, that this game is a malware and it is resisting, avast warned me about it

i see, thanks, i hope the dedicated downloadable version is with pico version too

title above

very good game, first time i see a tennis game for pico-8

is it in development or is it complete?

hi, is it possible to make an executable?

is it possible to have a download version?

great game, but could you maybe add an executable to play it offline?

i absolutely love it, i am a big fan of fnaf and this game is quite hard which is a good thing, do u plan on doing something like this with fnaf 2 in 8-bit?

this is how it shows to me, no download button or anything

i cant download the game, and in the page it says is 100% off

would it work with vrbox?

is this the color version?

and the download button?

any news about the exe version?