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hi, sorry for bothering, but how did u do to show pictures inside the game? i am trying to do the same with a singer but dont know how to put the images

is this still on? or there is no more development

i liked it, the art are quite great, i hope to see more of you, sadly i cant buy the gbc version, but the arts were great nontheless

lol no worries, thank you for answering

where is the download button?

where can i find the updated version of this game? would like to give it a try

is this still on? or is it on hold?

how many are missing on this page?

It is expensive for me to buy it, oh well, i just hope it is at least of good value, good luck to those who will buy ut

is this game still active? or is it abandoned?

which are the requirements?

sorry but, which are the requirements?

hi, i know this games is most likely forgotten, but i wanted to tell u guys that u all made an excellent job, as someone who loves ys series i can see that it is very similar that ys. Wish there was a download button, so if somehow itch went down we would be able to play it still

no download game?

i would like to download it, is there any possibility to do so? i love ys games

which engine u can use with this model?

which version should i download?