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The version I submitted doesn't work properly due to a collision bug. I've uploaded a fixed version onto GameJolt if anyone wants to play that.

Think it might be a collision issue, since I had to do something with the player’s animations in the ending. I might try and fix that and put it on GameJolt in a day or two.

X and Z only work once you have entered a fight. As for not getting past the first screen, once a mode is selected, you have to press enter and either win or lose to reset. But that’s really odd about not being able to fight any bosses. Not sure what happened there.

The game’s ending is supposed to play when the final boss has been beaten. There is a game attribute list that keeps track of who is beaten once they are defeated. The things that transport you to the boss levels are only supposed to disappear if the name of the boss appears in the list, however this is clear by default.

Oops just realised it says the game is still in development. Ignore that; I forgot to change it when I uploaded the .zip.

If anyone has any feedback about any of the specific bosses, here are their names in order that they are fought:

Swoop, Shardcrystal, Chatterbox, Furious Fellow, Nebulous, Hit2Sune, Flick, Howlwich, Bandanana, Bannedanana, Meowtergeist, Gaolshock, Race-Sting, Timebomb, Seaweed Chomper, Hyper Heart, Animatail, Oiler, Evil Eye, Abyss, Firecall, Fountaindial, Agepython, Shockwave, Bitofapickle, Bat Shadow, Determinator, Shadow Puppet, Alley Hater, Boxicactus, Glare, Ink Blaster, Alphox, Fred, Frankenbeard, Agent Brown Wolf, S. Lime, ReflHexion, Ulphoenix, Black Hole, White Hole, Morts Stadium, Quarrelia, Alicyborg, Danton.