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If anyone has any feedback about any of the specific bosses, here are their names in order that they are fought:

Swoop, Shardcrystal, Chatterbox, Furious Fellow, Nebulous, Hit2Sune, Flick, Howlwich, Bandanana, Bannedanana, Meowtergeist, Gaolshock, Race-Sting, Timebomb, Seaweed Chomper, Hyper Heart, Animatail, Oiler, Evil Eye, Abyss, Firecall, Fountaindial, Agepython, Shockwave, Bitofapickle, Bat Shadow, Determinator, Shadow Puppet, Alley Hater, Boxicactus, Glare, Ink Blaster, Alphox, Fred, Frankenbeard, Agent Brown Wolf, S. Lime, ReflHexion, Ulphoenix, Black Hole, White Hole, Morts Stadium, Quarrelia, Alicyborg, Danton.