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That is so awesome!!!

This is a great game!!! It would be cool if someone made a Star Fox mod for this game.

This is a fantastic game! Wow!!!! You should totally add a survival mode/arena type thing and build up a high score with leaderboards that would be cool


Wow, I love it! I also love the fact that it's procedurally generated! Very fun game. Bring it to Steam!!!

Oh my god thank you so much for this! It fixed the weird speed up problem it had. Thanks again.

Yo, a surprise hit! Very fun game and my favorite class is Barbarian. Thanks for this awesome gem!

I can't believe you made this game free this is absolutely fun! Thank you so much!

Beautiful and terrifying at the same time! Thank you for this! :)

HEY!!! This is one of the better typing games I've played in a long while!! Typing of the Dead on PC was my go-to but this one really takes the cake! I like it better than Epistory to be quite honest. ;) Hope your team is doing great and stay safe! ^_^

Thank you!!!

I've heard about it casually on Twitter and I just assumed it was like a pixel art creator for artists.. Nah, I'm dumb.. Saw it in my collection and had no idea it was like some virtual machine with homemade games! SO COOL! Thanks a lot!

Yooo! your game is absolute fire!!!! It's simple.. And simple goes a long way! I love the pixel art in this as well.. Very very good! Thanks again man. :)

Yooo! Haven't logged into my Itchio in a long time and saw this game.. It was strangely addicting blowing up cubes! Very surprise hit for me! Thanks!

Thank you for making this free it's so incredibly fun! ^_^

Do you know how to make this windowed? Thank you!

Can you add controller support please? And the directional keys be for the analog and d-pad? Thanks. BTW really fun game!

This game rocks. The graphics look perfect and subtle and the classic Doom gameplay is all here. Please turn this into a full-fledged game.

Oh, if you can have destructible enviornments that would be awesome.

Oh my god, an actual Battlefield game that can run on my computer?! Also love the low-poly style graphics! I hope you implement online play in the future. :D

This game is phenomenal! Finally a visual novel without the anime theme. Also love the cyberpunk feel to it. The music is great too. Keep up the good work.