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Walkthrough (Spoilers!)

  • Door A : There is a code written on the wall in the dark area.  If you can't see it, wait for a car to pass through.
  • Door E: Hint from Door A leads to the wall between Door T and Door U.  Press x there and you get the code.
  • Door S: You have to stand on a specific spot(hinted by Door E) so that the fence covers parts of the graffiti on the wall and when that happens you will see numbers.
  • Door T: Solve for T on the equation you get from Door S.  You know what A, E and S equal to from the previous hints.  The light above Door T reveals the message "Are U Stuck??" above the keypad. Each of the letters A, E, S and T is placed right on top of a digit display, you just need to enter what their values are in that order.
  • Door U: Solving Door T reveals a four icons(door, light, light, person) on U's keypad.  There are three possible answers, the first is to count how many doors, lights and persons there are, the second is to look up the first letters of the words(D, L, L, P) from the table, the third, which is the true code, is LOOP(referring to game jam theme "Stuck in a loop"). You get "L" from looking at the gaps between the doors, and translating them into morse code, "O" from the pattern that the light U flashes, plus the "P" you get from hint T.

Looking back from 2020, this is pretty bad XDDDDDD

Hey I made this game in a Jam.  Thank you for you awesome characters.

Hi Graeme, nice game!   Suggestions:

- I find it often that I get stuck in an endless loop, like a pawn chasing a knight in a loop.  I have never played Chess before, but I think endless loop can happen?  It would be frustrating if the player has to give up, or if the AI gives up, it would be less rewarding.  So I think maybe you can implement some mechanics to prevent this.  Maybe somehow not allowing repeating moves, maybe have some environmental events after a while(setting areas on fire, meteorite strikes, board shrinking, etc.).

- Having a fast mode would be a nice feature.  I mean in some games like Civ 6, there is an option to shorten or skip animations.  

Wow it is incredible that you made this in a few days.  And it's fun!