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Its awesome!

This is super impressive. Great job on making this work!

Hello! This is a really minor glitch, But you can still look backwards while the jumpscare is happening.

Its pretty good overall, Although anyone can tell that Baldi's Basics scripts have been used. I have seen that you said that you don't know how to program them, So thats... fine? Overall the game is okay. Its not too bad, But I would say work a bit more on the sprites. But the music in the beginning of the game is really dramatic. Witch I find great.

Honestly, Creepyface doesn't really look like he has a pan anymore... It looks like a tennis racket or a fly swat. But anyway, The game is... okay. Its just that it doesn't seem as good of a game without the billboard scripts.

Anyway, The game is fine.

Its awesome! I recently played it on my channel, And a glitch happened where the elevator stayed open and characters couldn't get in. And Baldi locked me in the elevator. Twice.