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There is so much that is very impressive about this prototype!

Unfortunately I got softlocked because the required dice dont respawn and blowing one up accidentally is very easy :(

A checkpoint here would help!

Is it possible to export the map as an fbx?

Ah yes it is a bit difficult to figure out what to do, I've added a walkthrough comment to help those who are interested in completing the game. Thank you!

Walkthrough - Go left through the bullet hell and complete the cooking minigame. Grab the cheese from the cooking minigame and bring it back up to the rat in the river. Then bring the IceKey back to the bullet hell to melt it. Bring the key to the right of the river to unlock the chest that appears when you complete the boot minigame. Then bring the duck boots back up through the start of the game.

Thanks fam

Here ya go: Word Bounce by Vimlark

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I got 38! 

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 Child Games:

I thought I would mention this since you didn't provide any credit, but this game pretty blatantly copied the mechanics and art style of this blackthornprod game which even has its own devlog video where he basically describes how he made it as well.  Obviously this isn't illegal or anything, and this game does provide its own interesting content and expands upon the idea, but you really should at least mention the inspiration when its this close.

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Yo I just wanted to say I absolutely love this concept! I'd love to see the links to the games out of this on this page somewhere, So I'm going to go ahead and add the ones that I have found, including the link to mine :P
Thanks to miz for starting this!
And thanks to Vimlark for nominating me to this awesome jam!

It looks like you set the size of the game to be a bit cropped. is this intentional?

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The music was made for the game during the jam, you can find the composers work at, I'll ask if he wants to upload any of this music there as well

Glad you enjoyed :)
Thanks for the playthrough video!

haha thanks, I finally got multiple cameras and animated cutscenes

The game was made in only 12 hours for a game jam, so we opted to have a fixed camera to make time to work on other things. 

The levels are designed so you can see everything you need to in order to progress. Although I can see how a jump would be a "leap of faith" if you try to go backwards in the level. (though since you don't actually need to collect all the starforce pieces to beat the level, it isn't ever necessary to do so)

It was just a short little game made for fun and for a limited time scope challenge, and obviously isn't trying to be a super polished project.

Hi, The camera doesnt turn
its just WASD to move, space to jump, and left click to attack

jesus I had to throw my headphones from that jump scare deja vu

its a bit difficult to parse what is happening, and the sound effects are very loud.

I see what you went for with the fake desktop, and that was pretty cool

Pretty impressive product! The art and music succeeded in creating an asthetic, even if it wasn't made during the jam.  A tip for dialogue systems: pressing a button while the text is scrolling should complete the text scroll instantly, but not continue the dialogue yet. I kept skipping a lot of dialogue because it would just cut off to the next line instead of completing it.

Some random notes: 

one of the lines of the credits was wrapping into itself.

by default, opening the game also shows the console on my screen at the same time. And theres a bunch of godot errors being outputted, as well as some debug logs, though it doesn't affect the gameplay.

I was super impressed with how much you got done! The whole fake operating system, and everything. It felt very polished and it had a lot of charm.

If you keep working on it, you might want to add some quality of life stuff. Like I couldn't exit the brick breaker scene. And also replacing those hilarious placeholder assets.

 Brick breaker best ending. 

This was a cute little narrative game! I'd love to see the awesome character art from the thumbnail show up in game!

It was fun making 3d models for this project. and its cool to see this stuff in game. The narrative ideas sounded pretty interesting, and I'd love to see it if it ever gets fully implemented! (if not, you can also just publish the finished script so that the we can see the writing work)
(also how did you get the stairs to feel like stairs? that was cool)

Aw its only windows :(

plz mark your platforms on the download >.<

Thank you! Your game looks awesome as well. Unfortunately I can't play it because I'm on mac, but its cool that I can see gameplay in the video

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Thanks! Glad you were able to get meaning out of the void cycle softlock haha Definitely the best description of it I've seen

I've uploaded a separate build with that void glitch fixed if you want to experience all of the content without that frustration.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! yeah that void softlock is pretty brutal. I've uploaded a separate build with that fixed if you want to experience all of the content without that frustration.

This version of the game has a game breaking bug where you will endless fall into the void. I have uploaded a fixed build here:
If you want to experience all of the content I would recommend using that version, but obviously if you want to judge the game in its 1 month state you can play this version. Personally I would rather you play the updated version and dock points for the crash than have a bad experience.

Thank you! Yeah, I didn't realize the build removed the realtime shadows as a quality setting until it was already uploaded.

That was awesome. I didn't realize what was happening with the map until I opened it for the first time at the last expansion, and my mind was blown. It would be cool if there was some sort of animation when you got to the key goal 3/3 and it showed the map expand. Navigating to that 12th key was super cool. There were some inconsistencies with map where it looked like things didn't connect even though they did. The ending was a super cool effect, but I'm a bit disappointed it didn't lead to a satisfying conclusion.

Super awesome game

I used Blender this time! aren't you proud?

Hey Thanks for the feedback! I totally forgot this was on my itch, I made this for ludum dare like 4 years ago haha. 

This is my record :P

After Beating the game: it was super fun to figure out the mechanics of the game and get to beating it :D Love the game glad you are still working on it!

What follows is the raw comments I made as they came up while playing:

TAB does not work in browser, it scrolls the page.

best strat, get enemy stuck in a loop where it can't hurt you (top chicken corner) and break all the crates

Enemies in Zone 2 don't match the art style of the rest of the game (thicker outline looking straight at you), but the concepts are also much more unique

It was sort of weird to me that the starting human can die, is it supposed to be you? I like that I can keep going, but maybe be able to start with animals and no human? idk

Feels like way too much rng
I can miss and then get hit three times in a row and lose all three animals without being able to do anything about it

I like the way that any animals can capture other animals, I think it might make more sense for your starting character to also be an animal so that it doesn't feel weird when the human dies. "you" as the human can be controlling the animals but not in the battlefield.

I heard you saying that the human would be the only one with a capture ability, but I feel like that would break some of the design?

I think there was a glitch where after an enemy used its (10% chance to attack back) it looked like I was controlling the enemy?

I clicked my dog during the round transition and it showed my options grayed out even though it should have been the start of a new turn, so I had to deselect and reselect

its got a chess like dance between the moves which is fun

Kite enemies around to break boxes, got enough apples to get the big pig boss

in the beginning it sort of felt kiting would be cheating or something, but it was actually a pretty fun part of the game. Its unclear if thats the intended way to play.

Sometimes I get to move after I attack and sometimes I don't. Oh, I see the the little move icon now. That could use more feedback so the player knows their action is using that resource.

I would like to be able to choose attacking / moving without having to move my mouse all the way to the top left (or hitting number keys) Like if the options were above the character it would be less moving your focus.

It would be cool if the animals you start with have the same items as the ones you caught in the last round

How do I cancel an action (to look at enemy stats) without ending my whole turn

If the animals had unique sound effects when you select them that would be dope

I can't actually see the movement pattern of new enemies if there are crates/animals blocking them.

I can't see my health and attack when the unit is selected. I would have to right click to see it, but that would end my turn if I already did an action

Just noticed the dodge percent chance for your animals and for enemies. Makes the RNG feel less bad, but could also be because I'm in mid-late game already.

bosses seemed daunting, but they're not that bad when you realize they can only move or attack on a turn and not both. Easy to kite. (didn't realize this till I got a boss for my team and realized they are actually pretty bad on your team lol)

It would be cool to see some sort of change in the menu or something when you beat the game. Something like a list of all animals you have ever captured with their stats and a pic of their movement/attack pattern, and then have an extra icon if they were in your team when you beat the game. - common roguelike style progression stats / achievements

Love the music as well. Did you make it? I don't see a credits anywhere.

Suggestion for input change, clicking an empty space moves to it, clicking an enemy prompts you to either attack or capture. Theres not really ever a need to be able to switch action type since you can never move/attack on the same space.

I think some people think that you can't select enemy units because you can't do it in the middle of your turn, you have to cancel out.

Absolutely loving this game so far :)

Been following on reddit and twitter, finally got to play on mac.

Some notes: The fact that the town was a sub area inside of the forrest made me really confused for a while. If you didn't realize that it sort of breaks your understanding of the space.

Game crashed when I tried to forge something the first time. Now it doesn't crash but it only shows items that I already have in my inventory, and crafting them doesn't actually make it (but still costs gold and ore)

Im assuming the demo is only limitted to the starting area since I can't actually move to another area (invis walls) but was not able to find confirmation of this on this page or anywhere, might just be blind.

Keep it up!

3D planet and ui looks very cool :)

I have no idea whats going on haha. Would love to see a video of what it can do, or a description about what the idea was supposed to be.

I appreciate the multi-platform uploads :)

Art looks very pretty, but it looks like I cannot play on my mac :(

Itch tip: Can you mark what platform the download is for? You can check the executable for windows checkbox under uploads if it only has an exe. You can also build for different platforms in Unity and upload multiple builds on itch.

You can also attach a video, so that people can see what the game looks like even if they can't play it :)


Yo this was a nice game!

Didn't find the secret room :O

(Also, the fade to white kind of hurt my eyes, and I wish I could move faster)