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This is a really sick fan battle! I love the creativity of the different copy ability attacks, they're all really fun to dodge.

Also, the replicated battle system is super solid, so good job on that (would be interested in knowing what engine you used, btw)

I think this mod would definitely benefit a lot from having the slowdown-soul feature, especially for the trickier to dodge attacks. (if you don't know, in deltarune you can hold down X to move the soul at 50% speed. I only found out that feature really recently lmao). It also feels a bit like diagonal movement is faster than moving on just one axis, so if you haven't normalised the movement velocity it might be worth doing so to get a smoother movement feel.

Overall though, I really like this fangame. Looking forward to see what else you make dude.


Hell yeah can't wait to read it

It's a clone of snake made in C++

It's pretty simple, it's just snake but with multiple players and water physics. One of my personal goals with this project was to make it as polished as an actual game, so it would at least be something fun to play and post on my Itch page, which I think is much better for my portfolio than just putting the code on github.

There's probably a few bugs but I ran out of time to fix them by the deadline.

Hope you enjoy the short arcade experience.

Was this made in Cerberus X?

I want to use this for a 2D game and was wondering if it would work with regular sprites in a regular unity 2d project, or will I have to switch everything to the URP first?

cool i won

glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks man, I always aim for polish in my projects

Thank you! I've got a new bunch of levels I'm gonna release in an update tomorrow, so hopefully you enjoy playing those too

Cool visuals but they gave me a seizure

I thought using typing as a mechanic was pretty fun.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to play the other minigames that are shown in the screenshots.

Good art too.

Thanks my dude!

I abused coroutines for the boss patterns

Cute character designs, but the game is very hard to understand. The combat is just repeatedly clicking icons without knowing what they do. It also doesn't help that a lot of the popup text isn't in english.

Best art and animations of the jam in my opinion

Can you make a .exe build of the game? It runs pretty slow for me in a browser and I wanna play more of it

The boss is so fast it gets stuck on the player, so you can die within 3 seconds of starting the game. The rate you can shoot is too slow for how fast the boss moves, and the player speed is too fast considering the tight gaps you need to weave through for when the enemy attacks.

This game gives me VVVVVV vibes. The self-destruction and chain-reaction mechanic is super satisfying and fun to use. I expected each boss to be be fought in the same way, but after the introduction of blue bullets I liked how I had to strategise more. I couldn't get past the 4th boss though, I kept on healing it so I had to give up. But I think if you tweaked the blue-bullet heal values, the game would be a perfect balance of challenging but fun. Overall, super fun game, one of my favourites from the jam so far.

This game and its bosses are super creative! Even though there were only 2 (If there were any other bosses, I couldn't find them) I had a lot of fun fighting them!

The first boss was really fun to fight, I instantly got drawn in with the way the fight was like a puzzle and you had to figure things out, just like in Zelda games. I'm also a Bomberman fan so that gets you extra points. I think the fight goes on for a little too long though, so maybe try giving the boss different types of bombs to throw at the player.

For the snake boss, I love how the hitbox of it basically gets smaller the more you damage it. It was a bit tricky to get used to the timing for hitting its body segments back, but once I got used to it I also had fun with the boss.

One small criticism, when you get hit, it's sort of hard to keep track of the player since the damage animation turns you completely transparent. I'd recommend just fading to partial transparency so it

I think visually the game would benefit greatly from some additional 2D lighting, I recommend looking at how to do this in Unity with the URP. It wouldn't take long and would definitely add a great atmosphere to your game.

This is probably just personal preference but I think the movement and roll speed should be a bit faster, especially when the camera zooms out because then it feels like you're moving super slow lol (but I understand it's meant to be like Zelda, so that's probably why it's that specific speed).

For a whacky setting like this, I think it'd be great to have a crazy story to go along with it, perhaps with some short cutscenes or dialogue exchanges.

Overall, this was a great entry!

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I got to the end of the third level until I killed the boss but the stage didn't end. I think it might've been a bug.

The game has lots of really nice particle effects and cool designs, and I really like how the UI sort of has a warped perspective. It's nice how it had a little prologue cutscene to portray the story too. However (and this is probably an unpopular opinion), I think the game visuals have TOO much red. Like, I get it's the point of the plot, but combined with the high abundance of bloom, it just makes my eyes sore after looking at the game for too long.

In terms of the gameplay, I find the 2.5D perspective really awkward. It might just be a me problem because I don't think I've played a shooter with this kind of perspective before (only melee beat-em-ups), but it makes aiming at enemies a pain - it's very difficult to tell when enemies are in your line of sight (and vice versa for when enemies shoot at you). Perhaps have more leeway with the hitboxes to remedy this. I think the fire rate is too slow, which adds to the frustration when you shoot and your shot misses. It may be more satisfying if you had a more rapid fire, or if you could hold down the shoot button to repeatedly fire. It's definitely a unique take on a platformer shooter though, I think it just needs some work to get it to feel right.

The green tentacle enemies were the worst, because they almost never gave you an opening to attack without getting hit, and whenever they did you might miss your shot anyway because of the awkward perspective (this flaw is enhanced when you've got two green enemies right next to each other firing at at the same time lol).

In my opinion the levels were too long and repetitive. I just wanted to get to the bosses so It ran through most of the enemy waves and tanked their attacks because I couldn't be bothered to fight them with the gameplay flaws, it was too annoying. Maybe have an additional 'boss rush' mode that's more typical, where it gets rid of the regular parts of the levels and just pits you against the fun bosses (this is something I realised with my jam entry, so I added it as a late addition).

The music was alright and fits well, but it got really repetitive since it's the only track that plays.

I also didn't know if there was a use for the self destruction, it seems like an unnecessary feature for your game (even though I understand it was part of the jam theme, but imo i think it's better to just leave it out if it doesn't have a place in the game instead of forcing it in).

Also I think the way that the score keeps constantly increasing can be abused to get high scores by camping when there are no enemies around.

Overall, pretty cool graphics, but I think the gameplay needs some tweaking. Nice work!

It was a good idea to try and make the gameplay different for each boss but there was little explanation, so I was just doing nothing the whole time, especially for the fire boss. The first boss was way too tedious, especially for how long it took to kill it and how little attack variation there was during the fight. I think the shooting speed is extremely slow, considering how fast the boss moves.

Also I pressed escape to pause but it quit the whole game, and I didn't want to fight the first boss again so I didn't play it again. Sorry :(

Thanks for your mini review! One of the trickiest parts of designing IE was balancing the difficulty. I'm a fan of challenging gameplay so I wanted to make the bosses difficult, but I started to consider accessibility of the game: if it was too hard, then most players would probably drop the game after the first boss, which would be a shame since I'd want them to experience all the fights. Towards the end of development I increased the maximum ammo; lowered the damage of some enemy attacks; decreased the reload time; and gave the player more hearts after boss fights. This was just to ensure that more people would be able to beat the game. But for people that wanted more of a challenge, I also added 'Gauntlet Mode', where you fight all the bosses one-after-another, which would hopefully satisfy players who want more of a challenge. Try it out if you've got an itch for hardcore boss rushes!

I'll definitely take what you've written into mind if I tweak the game in the future, like perhaps adding higher difficulty levels. For now though, I'm glad you enjoyed Innards Exterminator!

should be working now

should be working now

Yeah, sorry the game seems to have a few issues with the webgl version. I'd recommend downloading the .exe version rather than playing it in a browser anyway.

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good now beat it

lol jk but thanks, I had players like you in mind when designing the mode

Is this for the browser version of the game

Will entries that follow the theme be favored?

When you rebound, you actually get an attack boost that scales with the more rebounds you chain together. Sorry that probably wasn't very obvious, but I plan to add more visual flare so players can actually tell when they're powered up, currently it just shows as a little number in the corner. You're meant to utilize those power-boosts to take down tougher enemies faster.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the asset link. I think I've heard of it before but I'd rather stick to the system I created as it allows me to have more low-level control of what can be done with bullets in the game. Plus, I wanted to challenge myself more as a programmer. (and I don't really wanna spend any money lol)

So if all assets must be created in the span of the games jam, does that mean we can't use any free music assets either?

Can these be used for commercial use