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How would you get the list to sort that?

Hey, how can I allow the table to take scores greater than an int32? I modified the functions to take longs instead, but I get an error thrown that the score cannot be larger than 2147...etc. 

Is this a network limitation or is there something else I can change to allow this?

68 rounds of backshots is CRAZY

how are you people backshotting so hard

Allah I made it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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yeah that last part probably explains why

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Come on this is the optimal rank for this ygm

i'm not sorry for the audio peaking

damn I wanna try composing now

Trying to get every combination

Was a bit confusing at first but I managed to understand the loop pretty quickly. 

I liked the concept of being limited with your evasion but found it hard to pay attention to how many evasion points I had left without taking my eyes off the main action. If it was a more traditional bullet hell with free movement but still kept the limited evasion somehow, this would be a sick base for a full shmup game (especially with the 3D perspective). Aesthetic was really well put together especially the UI, good job getting all the important info on display with how much there was of it. Some more sound effects would be great so you can tell what's going on without looking (like for running out of evasion).

Tbh I think of all the games in this jam this is the one with the most potential like I'm going to 100% wait for you to flesh this out someday. 

you could get away with playing this at work if you do a no-hit run

The cute aesthetic is solid af. This is legit the game I've enjoyed playing the most from this jam since I'm not that into kink stuff, so this chill VN was more my thing. Did I mention the visuals were cute and awesome too. Defo wish this game was longer.

backshot god here

throughout heaven and earth you alone are the honoured one

Oopsie didn't think about that. I used a UK keyboard though.

how do I change the pool size


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idk is it like a sex pun or something am I dumb

did a 100% marriage run because I didn't want to kill or defile any of the cute monsters

holy shit

urgent question can you fade out music tracks with a function 


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ain't no way you got a guy named 'mahmoud mahmoud'

that's sick af

This is a really sick fan battle! I love the creativity of the different copy ability attacks, they're all really fun to dodge.

Also, the replicated battle system is super solid, so good job on that (would be interested in knowing what engine you used, btw)

I think this mod would definitely benefit a lot from having the slowdown-soul feature, especially for the trickier to dodge attacks. (if you don't know, in deltarune you can hold down X to move the soul at 50% speed. I only found out that feature really recently lmao). It also feels a bit like diagonal movement is faster than moving on just one axis, so if you haven't normalised the movement velocity it might be worth doing so to get a smoother movement feel.

Overall though, I really like this fangame. Looking forward to see what else you make dude.


Hell yeah can't wait to read it

It's a clone of snake made in C++

It's pretty simple, it's just snake but with multiple players and water physics. One of my personal goals with this project was to make it as polished as an actual game, so it would at least be something fun to play and post on my Itch page, which I think is much better for my portfolio than just putting the code on github.

There's probably a few bugs but I ran out of time to fix them by the deadline.

Hope you enjoy the short arcade experience.

Was this made in Cerberus X?

I want to use this for a 2D game and was wondering if it would work with regular sprites in a regular unity 2d project, or will I have to switch everything to the URP first?

cool i won

glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks man, I always aim for polish in my projects

Thank you! I've got a new bunch of levels I'm gonna release in an update tomorrow, so hopefully you enjoy playing those too

Cool visuals but they gave me a seizure

I thought using typing as a mechanic was pretty fun.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to play the other minigames that are shown in the screenshots.

Good art too.

Thanks my dude!

I abused coroutines for the boss patterns