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Keyboard isn't fully supported in this version. I'm working on it right now, and I'll probably publish it in a few day when I'm finished as a new game (I intend to redo and complete a lot of things for this game in the next month).

Don't worry, it's not your PC, the game doesn't have any kind of sound design.

A lot of good things in this game : clean gameplay with diffrents interactions, great arts and lively environments.

Just one drawBack : the position of the chekpoints. When you die regulary and you came bake to life before the difficult bit you finally manage to pass, it's quite frustrating. 

Thanks a lot for your compliments, even more as it was my first time doing sprites . 

The lake of visual returns and of sounds is due to a lake of time, but they will be presents in the next version of the game, i'm currentlty  working on it. 

Yep, sorry. but the right file should now be online.

No, it wasn't. The proper executable should now be online if you want.

The game is short but well polished (the jump animations are particulary cute) and fun to play.

I just had some dificulties to understand the dialog at some points.

Thanks for noticing, the executable is now available.