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I LOVE THIS - the presentation is insane

Sorry for the delay, download is up!

Oh sorry! How do I do that - should I just put the bitsy html file in a zip folder and uplaod that?

Hi there! I am trying to use BitsyHD:

However, the Play button does nothing and if I download the file, the text looks like the image below, even if I create a new game. I was wondering if the engine was still functional for other people and maybe it's just me, or if it has become outdated and I should use a different one?

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this is very cool!

excited to play this!!!

This was a fantastic read, thank you

SADJASDASD thank you for playing!!!

Maybe a bit too easy, and corners possibly too good, but I really really liked this! Fun concept 

I actually got really into this after it took a moment to presentation too!

This was a cute concept! Only issue was struggling to get the dance party minigame at first

Hey Anwynn!! Thanks for playing it through!!!

Sincere, great visuals and characters that are delightfully enjoyable and flawed - a really great little read, thank you!!

This rules!! Thank you for making it

This was fucking awesome, thank you for this

Thank you so so much for taking the time to play and write this up!! I'm not a big fiction writer so this meant a lot

ALSO thank you for the donation???? I almost fuckin shit when I saw the email, it's really appreciated 

thank you so much!!!

This was so sweet!!

I have played a lot of your Bitsy games in the last few days and they're all so so good

I played this today at the Now Play This exibition in London and wanted to say - it was super cool!! I was really happy to see a Bitsy game there and they had an arcade style controller set up as well

Oh wow this was extremely good

This looks really cool! Is there a word count/estimated run time

This was a nice little experience, thank you for sharing it

106% gay!!

Looks exciting, can't wait for the full release!

Aw, cute! I liked this

Aw this was so cute

This was SO cute, thank you for making it 

Oh this looks so cool!!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not very familar with the the subject of the second half so I sorta focused mostly on the first half - hopefully if I try this again in future, I can connect things better! 

Hahah thank you - an AI text generator wrote this story and the website I used to generate it tends to just kinda stop suddenly, so this is the best I got lol

Ohh this looks exciting!!

I saw this from the Queer Games Bundle and lost my cat today. Thank you for making this, it's so sweet and I'm sorry that this stuff is so hard

Wow, this was a really powerful little game. Thank you so much for making it 

Is it possible to attach these effects to single objects, and not the whole scene?

I really love the plants you can generate!

There is a pretty big list of stuff but I did notice that occasionally it will pick the same things so I'll look into making the rng seed better, or account for repeats if I get the chance

Thank you so much for the feedback, really appreciated!

How long to beat this?