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Think I've got a nicer idea in the works! First tests:

Thought I'd start a topic for the discussion of ideas and sharing of progress now that we're a couple of days in.

I love the theme but have struggled a bit with where to go with it - my initial clowning around session resulted in a QWOP style system where you make a sunflower walk around. Quick and dirty gif:

I don't think its the right direction though. After some research I am thinking about doing something related to biomass production in space, although that could be a bit large in scope.

How about the rest of you?

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Hello, my name is Niall and I've been looking for a regular casual "jam" for a while - this ongoing project seems absolutely perfect.

I'm a game designer by trade, and have been incredibly fortunate as a student and new professional in the industry to have been part of award winning teams and development opportunities. However, in jams I like to make weird non-commercial things in a preferably casual setting, and to act as artist/programmer - job roles I don't usually get to explore.

I've participated in several Ludum Dares, as well as Fuck This Jam and Procjam. I am a *terrible* programmer, but have a knack for hacking things together regardless. Jams tend to be practical thought exercises for me, as in "how can I replicate that complex array with enough if statements..."

Toolswise I use Gamemaker, as GML is the most forgiving programming language that ever existed - perfect for fast paced prototyping and jamming.