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i loved it, nice idea. its fun to play and feels fairly polished! ( but we have the same name on our games, made for the same jam haha ) ours is keep the change KTC (caronila) we aimed too high so the game isnt finished yet. im improving my skills in c# to be able to complete it soon

Thanks Satinaki, your suggestions are useful. im programmer on this project, i found myself lacking of knowledge when we reach the inventory and crafting system being hard to fix the bugs, so im leveling my c# and POO skill the fastest i can to continue developing this game asap, meanwhile Caronila is gettin better and better on his art styles. We promise good improvements to the game soon.

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Game Title/URL: Keep The  Change


In KTC the player gets, makes and sells items related to cooking , alchemy and tools by learning new recipes and unlocking better techniques and ingredients.

Little more info here:

This is the last video where we are trying one of the music themes, our starter script for enemy movement including patrolling and attacking and some animation in progress too. And you can meet our unique Tailed-Slimes too :P

I'd like feedback on: anything you want

you should continue this game. its good!