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Hmm odd, pretty sure I had fixed that bug. Maybe there was a mix up when re-uploading or something.

Will certainly take the suggestion under advisement.

Since the project file just has some settings and not related to the actual code,  figured there wasnt part of the sources. Will add this now, internet was out for 24 hours hence the late reply.

The html5 version does lag once you get past the tutorial as stated in the description and thus I recommend for those to use a standalone download if possible.


Pros Done Well:

- Visibility stealth mechanic based on light with a good indicator as to how visible you are

- AI patrol keeping the enemy in their route until the player gets discovered

- The ability to use the dark to your advantage to avoid being spotted when in a tight spot with the enemy coming towards you are patrolling near by

- Text fade and fire lighting up and going out while exploring was cool



- UI doesn't scale when going full screen, only affects standalone as browser did not have a full screen button

- Two of the patrolling enemies ran into each other and when they did, they prevented each other from continuing their patrol route. I like to think they stopped for a bro hug and got carried away in conversation :D

- Some of the fire seemed to be a little to far from the wall


To Improve:

- Some sort of indicators or landmarks to help mentally figure out where you are in the maze

- Possible wider vision detection area

- A button to relock the mouse after  going full screen with the window

- Custom enemy model(though I know this was due to time constraints) 

- Ambient sounds and SFX

Not in particular but if you have any suggestions, I'm open to ideas for projects.

Curse you Mighty Red Dot! My overlords will hear about this!