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Hi, you should have received a purchase confirmation e-mail with a link to "claim your key". From our dashboard, we can see that you downloaded the game but did not "claim key". Please look for the correct link and instructions in the e-mails you received from or maybe on your itch account pages and don't hesitate to get back to us if you can't find your way!

Edit: You can find the complete instructions here:

Hi, we can refund your purchase, no problem. However I checked on our publisher Dashboard and there is no way for us to initiate a refund process from there. According to, you need to contact support and request your refund there: ; in case they would ask for our publisher consent, you can already direct them to this comment reply which is our official consent to your refund.

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You can play for free directly on

If you buy you get the following : all ads removed, custom ship skin, custom badges, ability to create sandbox games with your own settings, for which you can invite more players, being ranked in the global Pro Deathmatch Championship. Also you will receive the standalone game when it will be published here and on Steam.