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Ohhh, I was referring to the floating red platforms and lake of blood level... is that not the first level? It's been a minute since I last played.

The first level felt really menacing in its sparseness… what would you change? I personally love the idea of a redux… secrets, more levels, more weapons?

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I really love the bleak atmosphere, maybe it's just the open map but it feels very lonely and windswept. Refreshing, to say the least, to have an interpretation of a hellscape like this.

I don't even mind the difficulty being a little low, the beautiful levels more than made up for it.

loved it, very fun puzzles, had a nice myst speed to it. i solved the tower/planetarium puzzle only using the launch date, not sure if that was intentional or not.

oh my bad i didn't know there was a rule where i'm not allowed to respond to comments.

i don't even know how to get the special edition schlarp or the brand of ghat??

i can't find the first one!!!

Thank you for doing this.

maybe because i'm playing this on easy mode, but this giant silver guy won't spawn in this room for some reason, and it seems like killing him is the trigger for the elevator.

I'll try again - one of the two doors made a "swinging" sound, but didn't open. Thanks!

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stuck in a back hall with a bunch of dumpsters. the doors won't open? am i missing something? game is beautiful.

map 3, elevator won't drop its shroud?

I figured it out: in the blue room with the green elevator floor, you can trigger the floor to not go down all the way, and if you missed the switch to open up the road, you won't be able to progress.

level 2, stuck at 7 keys.... hint?