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Hi there! Thanks for messaging (and sorry for the late reply). I'm in a very busy part of my life right now, with a lot of moving around and never have the time to set my computer up to continue work on it, but I should be ready to go after Xmas.

Thanks for your continued interest. : )

It will be.

At the moment, all available downloads are playable previews. They are all free to download though, if you're curious enough to try them.

Thanks for your message.

I'm taking a small break from it (moving house!), but my intention is to get it a hundred percent identical. I've been looking at how fast the player moves, matching the color grading and grain effects and even replicating any and all animations I'd need to. : )

Not quite yet! I'm busy working hard on it, so far the hallway, bathroom, underground and menu system is done, absolutely everything is datamined and converted to usable file types, I've created the few assets to replace the PS4 button icons with keyboard and mouse icons and I've done the majority of coding for gameplay. 

At this point, I really just need to stitch everything together, but I want to make absolutely sure that everything is perfectly in its right place and everything functions EXACTLY as intended in the Playstation 4 counterpart.

Деньги не понадобятся, но это ценно. Спасибо за Вашу поддержку!

There is a Kojima Productions Discord, where you can usually find me! (I'm the admin)

As well as this image, which prompted me to create the port in the first place.

That I've seen, unfortunately not. There are files found in the resources that suggest that P.T. was entirely a Silent Hills promotion from the start. The files are even named 'shsb' - Silent Hills Beta!

Thank you! It would be enormously helpful to playtest the project and make as many comparisons to the original as possible - even down to the speed of walking or how far away you can hear certain sounds from.

All resolutions have been enabled! I hope this resolves your issue. Thank you. 

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How can I improve? What doesn't feel right compared to the Playstation 4 release?