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A fun, relaxing tower defense - nice spin on the theme too! Nice stuff :D

A really interesting, challenging idea. Very fun end to end :) I liked being able to control multiple snakes together, weaving  and dodging through the scattered enemies.

Thanks for playing! As luck would have it I figured out the collision detection bug the next day after submission. It feels much better to play in my local (not yet uploaded) version of the game. Fixing the collision detection also meant I was able to ramp up the game physics to the next level, so it's much more like what you see in the gifs on the game page.

Thanks for playing! I was hoping to have time to add in a new expression specifically, but ran out of time - doh! :D

A really cool idea, I like the way you up the ante and teach the game's mechanics all at once. Good stuff!

Thanks for playing! I wish I got a bit more time, but alas my old body needed sleep :D 

A cool game idea, I love the style and needing to stay on my toes to see what the pattern is for each screen.

A cool idea, nice joke :)

A great game idea, I'm personally a big fan of 3D puzzle platformers. Great job pumping out so many levels in such a short time! I can see this extending in some really interesting directions with the combination of triggered moving platforms and breaking line of sight of various lasers :D Really nice job!

I love the idea behind this game (I mean, I made a game about congas too!). You could say we could form a virtual conga line of conga games.

This game's got a cute style and feel, and the interactions at the end of each level were great :)

I like the idea for this game - as a fellow conga game maker for this jam, I salute you :D

I love the look and feel of this game, the little robot is adorable and the mechanics are so intuitive. Great stuff!

Thanks! I've done some quick balance / feel tweaking today, and it's feeling much smoother. The jam version here has a bug that makes it much harder to grab on to people than it should be, shame I couldn't figure the problem out yesterday but oh well :) 

In the version I balance tweaked but haven't uploaded, because of making grabbing easier, I was able to make the physics of tables etc much more challenging, which gives a feel closer to what I wanted - utter chaos and nonstop dancing :p

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I haven't gotten around to performance improvements I've been wanting to do u_u

Thanks for playing! :) I'm glad you like it.


Thanks for playing, Jupiter! I'm glad you like it.

Nice chateaux algorithm! Always cool to see procedurally generated architecture / built environment :)