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When you use a fog layer and want to change its opacity without the need to reference the image again, just the layer id.

It really lacks the option to change just the opacity of fog layers without the need of redefining the whole layer.

It's only 3$, but you'd probably want it for free.

Great, though the only thing it lacks is an ability for regions to block line of sight, so the squares behind the wall won't be revealed. (Or at least I don't know how to do it)

I'll try making a build using a different version of NW.js to see if this helps.

I would gladly help you, but I'd need more information. Are you playing this on MAC or PC, or maybe on mobile?
Which version are you running?

I think I've made a decent progress even though I wasn't feeling well throughout the last week.

Due to my shifting schedule, I don't always have the same amount of time to work on the game, so I won't set the exact day but expect at least one update during each month.

If you mean August, then yes.

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I'm working on it. If there are no major bugs expect monthly updates.

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If you talk to the npcs to the left you'll get potions that are very helpful for the encounter


for now try going to the top left portion of the map there is a hole there

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It will affect the gameplay.

Did MC get anything? Who knows? 🤷


It will, though at the current point in time it's just there. After all it's a slow paced game.

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You can do a somewhat good playthrough with maxed out Corruption. Think of a psychopath who lives his entire life as a perfectly normal person. Though don't compare corruption to psychopathy, it's just an example.

Okay, and the amount of Corruption you got from souls is negligible since maximum is 100.

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New games should be fine. Old saves, depending on how far you are.
If it's before being summoned, then it's fine.

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If it's the old save then press F12, after that open the console and enter: $gameVariables.setValue(201, 3);
after that, the game should return to normal after you change the location 

I can't reproduce the night thing. Can you send me a screenshot?

Are you sure it's the MC who's getting stronger? 😉

Corruption represents erosion of morals.
It can result in being more evil.

About the night thingy: I'll look it up.

I would like to reply, but everything will be explained in the game.


Well let's just say it changes variable called: Bloodthirst to true.

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It will be mostly used as resource for blood magic.

Change your clothes, to fix it.
I'm also uploading the general bugfix as we speak.

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I have an issue with this plugin. After the player enters map with the extra tileset, the meta data of other tilesets is prevented from being loaded in. So after changing the map, the game still uses metadata from previous map/tileset.

It's might not be noticeable if you use your map editor for every map, but this certainly happens when you switch to a map which doesn't have a CycloneMapEditor event.

Metadata - Information on TerrainTags, collisions etc. 

Should be fixed in the new version.

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Currently? Yes. In the future? No.

Though, I'm not planning on making this a 100% porn game, just some nudity and occasional sex.

It really reminds me of art in the game called Sword & Sworcery.
Very good job.

I have an issue with it. After using plugin command to change window skin, it doesn't change the skin for message boxes and choice boxes until a player opens inventory.

Don't know if it's intended, but there is a text file in humble bundle with tons of keys to this sfx pack.

How do you do a fog that's always centred on a player?
Or in other words, It moves alongside with him, because setting it as screen only makes it repeat forever, but I want it, to be always centred on a player, so it gives the illusion that it's not moving.

By the way, why only go for unlimited fog layers?

Thank you.