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I don't know if this is a bug or just me being an idiot, but I can't climb the stairs? Am I missing something obvious here? XD

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Hey there, just played the newest version (0.99) and every time I tried to save the game just crashed. 

Also I triggered 096 in his room and quickly locked the containment door behind me before he lunged at me. This kept him at bay indefinitely, is that intentional?

Sometimes the flashlight doesn't spawn on the scientist at the beginning.

Is the previous ending still in the game? I feel like I'm being stupid and missing the way to progress further.. 

Really glad this game is back, I've missed it whilst it was being rebuilt. Happy to see new updates!!

Would love to play this, but it says we need a decryption key to download.

Hey there. Just played the newest version (0.1.0941a) and came across a couple bugs I've not seen before in previous versions:

- Items respawning if I die. As soon as I reload after a death all keycards, batteries etc have respawned in their original locations (but also remain in my inventory if I'd picked them up)

- The end scene after going through the mirror - The screen seems off-centre (like south-west of where it should be).. At the beginning of this sequence I can see the edge of the map, and as I walk along and come up to the Unclean I can't actually see his head.. it cuts off at his shoulders. 

Awesome update though, thanks for updating the controls list :D

Love it, can't wait to see what else you add :]