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Just nth-ing how glad I am to see the re-release! This is a fantastic game on any platform, but especially on mobile! The limited scope makes it really accessible, but it has all the depth of a roguelike!

I arrived here expecting a mix of Arkanoid and Ikaruga due to the title, and yep, this game was exactly that. Clever title!

Would love to see further exploration of the idea. This game just needs mouse support to be *perfect*...

Awesome, the practice mode has addressed my confusion! 馃憤 And now I have other thoughts...

Big potential here. The combination of attributes seems really interesting.

4 is definitely the right size board as it is now. Even 16 takes too long to consider all your options.  

I'd love to see some means of combining two spells together (maybe with a chance it will either go right and make a crazy-powerful spell, or go wrong and ruin an otherwise useful spell).

This design _could_ work well with a touchscreen on mobile!

Well, that's just my experience of it; someone else's mileage would surely vary. I'll try to check out your changes shortly!

Oh, crap, I never died in Universal Paperclip but I died at this. Stupid auto-flipper. Guess I had too much risk tolerance for a poor person.

Interesting, I can click faster than the auto-flipper. Guess I'll do it manually till I get to a safe level.

Oh, crap, right, I can die on my next move after a purchase I can barely afford.

I died TWICE. Statistics are stupid.

This is fun and you should publish it and charge (real) money for it.

Hmm, interesting. Ever play Wario's Woods? That was also a puzzle game where manipulations were dependent on a character that occupied space on the playfield.

Ooh, I like the ascending tones and increasing pace as my combo increases.

I assume matching rotten shapes is not as beneficial as matching intact shapes? Is there a way to communicate that more clearly?

I have played lots and lots of Same Game. This is not the same as that, but a subset of your players are going to assume it _is_ the same. You'll need to counteract that. For example, I was surprised that diagonal matches were valid. But this has all the addictive potential of Same Game too. Getting a really large combo feels _really good_.

Wait, I made a path next to a goat with a score of 12 and it didn't disappear? I don't understand how to get rid of them, then. I was also surprised that rotten shapes could be included in a path of intact shapes, and I'm not clear what the pros/cons of that are. I guess they allow you to continue a path but without adding to the score themselves?

Also, rotten shapes look like poop. You can either mitigate that, or lean into it. 馃ぃ

Ooh, wow. A wild card shape can allow shapes of two completely different types to group together. That's, like, powerful. I'm going to expect all future Same Game ports I play to have wild cards as an option. I hope the Sega Swirl maintainers are paying attention. 馃ぃ

Interesting idea! I feel like I was thrown in the deep end though. Needs a set of tutorial levels with a slow ramp-up to teach how the attributes of a spell can differ. (If I even understand correctly how it all works, which I'm not sure I do.)

Heh, quirky, fun, and not a big time commitment! I like!

Play the original game, Desert Golfing, first. Even though this game has more features, I think Desert Golfing is the better game. Desert Golfing is _perfect_, this game is merely _great_.

Only reason I didn't pay extra is that this is like the fourth platform I've purchased this game on. I got up through around hole 6000 on iOS. Lost that progress when I got rid of that phone. But I still break it out on Android when I want a relaxing game that won't drain my phone's battery. This game is a classic. It is perfect. Everyone in the world needs to try it!

Fantastic work, Clint! I hope more people follow your example and make expansions compatible with existing CC0 work. There's real power in network effects!

Just bought via Google Play Store. OMG. Scrolling?! HOW COULD YOU RUIN THE GAME LIKE THIS?!

j/k, really enjoying it so far and I expect to waste just as much of my life with this as I did for Desert Golfing (which is a masterpiece).

Confirmed working on Mac El Capitan! Though of course it won't open when you double-click the .app; you have to right click and choose "Open". Full-screen works, but the framerate drops significantly. 

Love the no-config-needed keyboard setup! Very clever!