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Neo Tanner

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This is a pretty neat demo/prototype! The momentum based controls are something to get used to, but they're not bad! It does have a very Jet Set Radio vibe to it. I did make a video about it!

This was a fun little game! I do wonder if you can ever get to 100/100 though?!

I loved this demo! Can't wait until the full version is out!

This was a pretty fun little game! It's the only times where grocery shopping was entertaining!

I did enjoy this game! I made a video about it! All those presidental decrees were pretty funny.

I made a short video showcasing the demo! It was pretty fun for a demo!

I'm not entirely sure how the game would be "ruined". As it is, it is pretty boring after 5-10 minutes. Guns wouldn't help a whole lot in that regard, but this is also the version, which I assume isn't being updated anymore since it's on Steam now.

I did a video about the TOME demo! I think it's pretty good and it does capture the spirit of the  web series! I've been a huge fan for a while, Chris! Can't wait for the full release!

It's fun little beat'em up! Some glitches here and there, but still it's good!

I didn't really seem to have any of the lag issues other people had mentioned. It was fun for a little bit, but at least this variation doesn't have much to do past 10 minutes. Not sure about the Steam version though. I did make a video too!

I did a video on this game. Needless to say, I was confused, yet happy. Enjoy!

I did a spotlight video on this game about a week ago. It was a really good demo! The effort and love is there and I can't wait to see if Duck Block Games does make it into a full fledged Castlevania-type game! 

Here's the spotlight video!