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Oh. It still says it can install it via the launcher.

Where's the demo link? I wanted to try the game ):

I was told about this game by the developer and it's a pretty neat concept! Punch-Out but with swords and sheilds! I think with a little more time, it could besomething pretty fun. I can see an entire game working like this. I haven't played Crossed Swords, but I'm sure it's also a pretty neat game like Punch Out.

I did a Spotlight video, if you'd like to check it out below. Thanks again, Toolkitz, for letting me know about the game!

I intended to record only part of the demo, but I wound up playing and recording the entire thing! It's truly a great game, especially if you like overhead real time ARPG battles along with Stardew Valley-like visuals. The story's also pretty decent so far (and I enjoy Arrie's reaction to the Sword). I've linked my full demo playthrough below, if you'd like to see it! Be warned though, it's nearly an hour long! XP

This is a pretty good demo! I had a blast playing it. I didn't get to finish it yet since I recorded a video for it, but I'm sure I was probably close! Looking forward to the full release! Here's my video, if you'd like to check it out!

No problem! I saw and responded to the comment! Hope development's going well! :D

Nytro community » Discussion · Created a new topic Nytro Playthrough

Hello there, everyone! I recently did a video housing 3 "Spyro-Inspired" games and Nytro is one of the three in the video! It's a fantastic little project that I'd love to see come to life fully (though I'd be wishing for a Steam release if that ever happens!). I had tons of fun just exploring the overworld, and a bit of The Scrapyard.

I did enjoy the customization of Nytro's face. My Nytro is perpetually surprised. At least when I picked that face, heh. If you wanna check out the video, then check it out below! Nytro's inclusion starts at 21:45!

I had some fun playing this! I like that it's a cute friendship building game with an air of mystery to it! Plus the simple design of the world and characters make it charming! I did a playthrough of it on my channel, if you'd like to check it out if you're on the fence about playing this little gem!

Though one minor thing is that I had to download it from the actual web page and I couldn't download it and install it via the Launcher. I'm not entirely sure why? But that didn't really bother me too much.

City33 community · Created a new topic Great Concept!

I played this game recently since it sparked my interest (reminding me of GTA and Retro City Rampage)! It's very well done! I recorded a video of my playthrough and wound up at one point being gunned down by 6 cops at once, haha! So , sadly, I haven't beaten it. But I wanted to say to the developer, good job! I'd love for this to become a full fledged game!

Oh and if you want, my video is down below. You don't have to watch it though!

This is a pretty good short game-tech-demo. I'd agree with another comment on here that a Crosshair would have likely helped, but it's still playable without it! I put it up on my channel as a two parter with another game for my Spotlight series. Check it out, if you'd like!

This was a pretty fun and silly game! I made it as part of a two-part spotlight episode! It's a pretty solid and humorous game. I recommend you (the reader) check it out!

I actually rather enjoy this game so far! I do think the city's neat and I do like detective stories. I did also get to push a cop out of the rain! I did make a video of my playthrough, too! Check it out below, if you want! Keep being awesome, Fubenalvo!

The demo was actually a lot of fun! It has some pretty good heart behind it! It was definitely one of the better demos I've played lately. I even made a video for you guys!

That's cool!

Ah, local couch co-op.  Just thought I'd ask! Keep up the good work! :D

I played the demo and recorded a video for it on my channel. Needless to say, I was impressed! Not only is the demo pretty polished, you guys nailed native DualShock 4 support (it is the best controller, imo)!

I plan on getting the game when it gets funded and fully release! With there being a two player, I do want to test that out as well. Is the two player online or local only?

Yard Tale community · Created a new topic Cute, Fun Game!

This was a cute and fun game! Though messing with the Unity gamepad mapping was a bit weird. I suppose that might be because I was using a PS4 controller? I got it to work though! Sad to say the game glitched on me with an NPC, so I couldn't actually complete it, but it was still a blast!

I made a video of it for my YouTube channel, too!

It was a pretty good game! I made a video on it!

Hooray! Any plans for a full fledged release or was this just a mere proof of concept? Not many games try to be like Jet Set Radio, after all!

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Great Game!

This is a pretty fun little game. I'm not entirely sure, but was it inspired (or did it inpsire) by Reigns?  I honestly like this game a bit more than Regins, namely because of the silliness of some of the NPCs. Especially the ghost with the tophat, monocle and mustache!

I did make a video of my playthrough about it!

This is a pretty neat demo/prototype! The momentum based controls are something to get used to, but they're not bad! It does have a very Jet Set Radio vibe to it. I did make a video about it!

This was a fun little game! I do wonder if you can ever get to 100/100 though?!

I loved this demo! Can't wait until the full version is out!

This was a pretty fun little game! It's the only times where grocery shopping was entertaining!

I did enjoy this game! I made a video about it! All those presidental decrees were pretty funny.

I made a short video showcasing the demo! It was pretty fun for a demo!

I'm not entirely sure how the game would be "ruined". As it is, it is pretty boring after 5-10 minutes. Guns wouldn't help a whole lot in that regard, but this is also the version, which I assume isn't being updated anymore since it's on Steam now.

It's fun little beat'em up! Some glitches here and there, but still it's good!

I didn't really seem to have any of the lag issues other people had mentioned. It was fun for a little bit, but at least this variation doesn't have much to do past 10 minutes. Not sure about the Steam version though. I did make a video too!

I did a video on this game. Needless to say, I was confused, yet happy. Enjoy!

I did a spotlight video on this game about a week ago. It was a really good demo! The effort and love is there and I can't wait to see if Duck Block Games does make it into a full fledged Castlevania-type game! 

Here's the spotlight video!