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Hey there oh no what's you're phone model ?

Anyways I'll advise you to play it on your laptop, it's way more stable! :)

Sure thing mate thanks for checking in :D

Hey Muramasa thanks a lot !

On which device did you play it ? I didn't find a way to stop the music when you go to Soundcloud on the PC & Mac versions unfortunately...

Did you finally finish the game ?

NEODOGMA is a home-made video game by musician ROSE TIGER >>> <<<

Wendy and his robot Marcus will go on an epic pizza delivery mission through the Shallows of Archaeopolis, an underground city where humans co-exists with robots and dinosaurs.

6 songs from ROSE TIGER's upcoming  EP "Role Playing Game" are dispatched in items through the city. Finding them will allow you to listen and download exclusive music for free !

For most artists who were born in the early 90’s, video games are not only a hobby, but a real source of inspiration as powerful as books and movies.  But despite its commercial success,  this "10th art" is still underrated by the music business, and there are more interesting connections to be done between the two worlds. 

Hey Gabriel thanks a lot for your feedback !

Don't hesitate to give me your email if you want to be a beta-tester of the final game.