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A member registered Sep 30, 2016

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I love this simulator, this gives me a look back into a past I've not thought about in a long time. It makes me really think about time passing in general. I found myself watching things that I haven't seen in years, 80s movie trailers, and he-man episodes. I'd love for this to become more... if I had the know-how I'd want to add more of a living room, maybe a couch and a small table with a lamp for lighting. The TV being faced towards the couch instead of beside the computer. maybe even going a step farther and adding small bits and bobs from a lost era... giving a lived in feeling. Even adding a detail where the tapes show up wrapped up at the door, and giving detail to the vhs tapes.

haha, one can dream... this really is something. I hope this program works for as long as I can use it. I'll definitely replaying this time to time.

Thank you for designing this, and I know it probably wasn't meant for someone like me to enjoy it this way but awesome work.

(The only complaint I have is the fact that some videos lose the corners a bit too much)