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new best, can you beat it?

cool concept and fun lil game, sometimes the explosion knockback is a bit inconsistent though and i though the sharks on level 3 would kill me but they ended up just pushing me around so i dont know if that should be made  more clear or if they might have been broken but its fun to play and i definitely recommend 

cool gma ewith a perfect dificulty curve, love it and good luck

really well made, i love it and it looks so good

i love this, really cool concept and executed perfectly

fun game with a cool concept, kept breaking in my browser unfortunately and didnt see a win state but would love to play this as a full game if you guys keep working on it.

cheers for the feedback bro, i will see what i can do, on the original build it was tied to the cursor but i wanted to make the game more accessable to mobile so i moved it to the top corner, Ill make some better UI for it so its easier to understand and maybe a little controlls menu or tutorial on the main menu so people dont get as stuck. thank you

Nice, its a good game and way better than anything i could make on scratch

i love it, so addictive. after a while though cars stopped spawning in, i dont know if it was a glitch but i just thought i should let you know

Great game bro, cool art and nice music. took me a while to figure out how to start the game but if anyone else is stuck and sees my comment, press spacebar.

nice game, did you make it in scratch? (only asking cos the timer looks like scratch UI)

Thank you, I think i have solved that problem now, if you have any other suggestions on how to improve my game i would love to hear them.

thank you, I will add a function that makes stable orbits worth more points to encourage players to try and make a balanced solar system.

Fixed it and made some small changes that i believe make the game better

thank you, i will fix the tutorial as soon as i can, ill add some basic instructions into the description for now 

thank you, ill keep working on it and try to balance the enemies a little better. I'm not great at making music but i found some people who might help so i will be adding more songs soon

I love this, very cool idea