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Thanks a lot for the comments! Yeah you're totally right.  I spend a lot of time in polishing the feeling of the runner and not so much on the game design. Really proud of the result, but I still I want to add a copuple of feature more to make round entry.


Nice cute game, really well done. Love the bonus points for jumping over some barrels.


And yeah totally, tobacco was meant to be like ammo. As the hearts in the original Castlevania. Use them to charge full speed and make the game easier, or keep them as points in the end result.

But I couldn't add all that end result thing, still I want to add a closure to the game next week. So stay tuned for an update :)

Thanks!!! I wanted to make a final screen with results (time spent on the "race" and number of cigarettes packs collected), but I run out (pun not intented) of time :(

I hope to add this features between this week and the next one.

Amazing concept, really enjoyable with a great puzzle design! Great take on the "think outside of the box" type of puzzles

Yeah, the rules don't say anything about the input limitations. But it'll be cool to make a game only with orginal gameboy input.

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White and black counts as colours, look any gameboy game for reference and you will see only 4 colours at any time. Any shade or modification of a color counts as a different color. And for question 3, this is a jam. It's not a competition for any prize or something, we're making games for learning/fun and because we love to make them! So there's no point for starting right now to make a game for the jam.

And you can use Godot and export to any platform, you don't have to create a cartridge.